Flashback: the Motorola Nexus 6 was the best in the series and it changed Google

31 May 2020
Not necessarily for the better. Unlike the Nexus 4 and 5 before it and 5X and 6P after it, the 6 was a premium, expensive phone - just like the Pixels.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2020When I saw one of these in a phone store, I couldn't help b... moreyou have really big hands then


DQ, 12 Jun 2020Thank you for your reply, that is what I am hoping... I wou... moreI honestly think that not only sony raised the price, but other brands (except apple) increased their. It's due to the higher cost of sd865 chip. If qualcomm priced the sd865 the same price as sd855, the price for today's flagship would be similar to last year's. And also, keep in mind that sony, LG, and Nokia already mentioned that they can't do such low competitive pricing as Chinese brands. You need to learn deeper why the all Chinese products(not only in gadgets) can give you roughly same quality items with lower price. Samsung could save some bucks due to they make their own SoC, which they use in their devices in "some" {actually most} regions (S and note series case might ring the bell)

YUKI93, 01 Jun 2020The same for me. Plus, bezel allows the phone screen to hav... moreGot nothing against the notch, never had a phone with a puch hole and never actually laid my hands on one for more than 3 minutes. Notches are ok because the ratio of the screen doesn't fill the screen, because you would lose some content, and that's because there are no bezels, but I don't mind...

silbier.hell, 02 Jun 2020From some leaks that imI read, they said that the xperia 5i... moreThank you for your reply, that is what I am hoping... I would get the Xperia 1 mark II but the price is too high. I think they did this to counteract the fact that Sony devices depreciate very fast and they will end up costing 200$ less the next year. This way they can still sell the X1ii for 1000$ a year later.
If the Xperia 5 mark II is about 800$ I might bite the bullet, but if its more expensive I might try to wait a bit more.

  • Anonymouse

my Motorola Nexus 6 had a motherboard short circuit problem.
wasn't able to fix my phone because there were no official Service Centers in our country. Too bad this phone can easily be broken.
such a shame!

Anonymous, 31 May 2020Design was much better than ugly galaxy S series. Most Motorola phones nowdays looks much better than Galaxy phones of present no matter if is A, M or S series.

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2020The bootloops would suggest otherwiseOn some, vs ALL Nexus 6P being able to snap in half? Previous Nexus phones have bootloop issues as well, even the Nexus One, not exclusive to 5X.

  • Anonymous

potato4k, 02 Jun 2020Compared to the 6P which can snap in half? The 5X was much ... moreThe bootloops would suggest otherwise

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2020What? The 5X was a terrible phone lolCompared to the 6P which can snap in half? The 5X was much better.

  • Anonymous

potato4k, 02 Jun 2020Agreed. The Nexus 5 was the pinnacle of Nexus phones. It's ... moreWhat? The 5X was a terrible phone lol

ashwin, 02 Jun 2020I personally feel that Nexus 5 was far more better than nexus 6.Agreed. The Nexus 5 was the pinnacle of Nexus phones. It's so good that Google went back to LG for the Nexus 5X.

This is hilarious. The best? Back then, the reception was largely negative on the Moto Nexus 6, thus Google branching out to Huawei for a Nexus 6P. The Moto Nexus 6 embodied everything that's wrong in its time (overtly huge, overtly expensive, subpar battery life, and not even 64bit).

It was an embarrassment, and was quickly forgotten. I guess now it is seen as the "best" now considering Google's poor execution of Pixel phones.

  • yudhaeth

I still use it as a backup phone when my iPhone failed to boot. use it with the latest Lineage OS, quite sluggish but the camera performance is still excellent.

Still have mine too but has serious issues now (any game makes it restart cause of gpu flaw) even after replacing the battery twice.
The camera was OK, took truckloads of photos with this.
Speakers were cool.
Official updates were less than I wished for, this was compensated by xda and rom flavors though.
Battery life was never amazing, even when switching to fullhd.
Heating issues.
Width is more problematic than height for me. This was the phone where I decided I definitely want to go smaller and replaced by Oneplus 5T.
I'll be damned if it didn't take a beating, love the build quality.

DQ, 01 Jun 2020That's my exact logic as well... I currently have the Xperi... moreFrom some leaks that imI read, they said that the xperia 5ii might have almost the same size as 5 (but narrower) due to the reduced bezel size. All the specs would be identical to xperia 1ii (except battery and screen resolution)

I use xperia 1 as my daily and i can tell yiu that the widht of the phone is exatcly the same as xz2 and z5 (maybe as well as xz)

  • ashwin

I personally feel that Nexus 5 was far more better than nexus 6.

  • Anshul

It was the most expensive cell phone I bought till 2015. It was a wonderful experience, the super big high quality display and pure android experience what I always wanted. The camera somehow wasn't upto the mark. Unfortunately the display broke in 2017 and I couldn't find any reasonable display replacement. So I bought Samsung S8+, but I still have it, hopefully will get it repaired soon.

  • Anonymous

When I saw one of these in a phone store, I couldn't help but go test it out - it just stood out from the rest of them. I immediately ordered one, absolutely fell in love with the huge display and how fluid the phone was. It also has the best back cover design in recent history - like the phone was custom-made so it would fit my hand perfectly. Really good phone!

  • JT

Nexus 6 was what a smartphone should be for me. I have a Pixel 3aXL now, but I would have gladly paid more for an updated Nexus 6 design. I hate these new screen ratios and the Nexus was still fast when I retired it, just couldn't get OS updates any longer.

  • Stefan

I still have mine up and working, bought since spring 2015. Just change it's battery in spring last year and still can hold for a day. But in the meantime I got a Pixel 3A XL because the Nexus was becoming sluggish. I keep it as a backup phone.