Live photos show Oppo Reno4 5G and Reno4 Pro 5G already in stores

01 June 2020
They are not on sale yet, but the stores are clearly just waiting on the official go-ahead - which is coming this Friday.

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  • Mickey Mouse

Disappointed with Oppo, every 3 months one new phone. Design of the phone is getting more and more common, feels like not putting effort of the exterior design anymore. The system of the phone also does not have a significant change because the phone debut every 3 months. Feels very meaningless. I have 3 Oppo phones, the camera is always good but other brands like iphone's and Samsung's camera is getting better and clearer than Oppo already... After this Oppo phone, I'm gonna change... *Sigh*. Note: not a hater, but a lover of Oppo with disapointment...

  • Anonymous

Curve is in, 01 Jun 2020Reno4 is clearly a mid-ranger series. It comes with only cu... moreReno 4 series is not midrange phone

  • bootyxbox

50+ oppo phones released in the past year alone yet the company fails to provide regular software updates. keep em coming boys we havent got enough oppo phones here

  • Anonymous

MINT, 01 Jun 2020 Oppo Reno 4 5 G sounds Weird. Anyway another device... moreI agree with you. All new phones are by default 5G, and '5G' is not in its original name, but added by this website. We should start to add 4G to the name if the phone is not 5G.

  • Curve is in

Reno4 is clearly a mid-ranger series. It comes with only curved screens, with no flat screen option. Oppo is obviously studying the market carefully, and try to align its products with the current "Smartphone Supply-chain Report" regarding the emerging buyers' trends.

According to a recent "Smartphone Supply-chain Report": the 'curved-screen' is definitely in, and 'flat-screen' is out. Curved screens will not only dominate all upcoming flagship phones, but also start to move downwards to mid-rangers. Reno4 is merely a reflection of that trend.

  • Anonymous

So snapdragon 765 better than snapdragon 845 in single core what?!

  • Anonymous

Soon coming to non-5G enabled country with downgraded P95 as its processor.

  • MINT

Oppo Reno 4 5 G sounds Weird.
Anyway another device similar to many,flooding the market.

If this device support 5G than is it necessary to add 5G in its name?