Realme X3 SuperZoom is now on its way to Indonesia

02 June 2020
The phone will hit Indonesia on June 16.

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Not interested at all. Better to buy mi 10 for better specs.

  • Alisha alam

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2020Please be available here.Plz available in market fast.....

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2020Don't waste you money, the so call 60X Super Zoom is merely... moreTotally agree, I'd also add that buying a phone with a punch hole is a waste of money, once this stupid trend will be over and only phones with fulldisplay or really thin top bezel will be available, we will all look back at those and realize how awful they look and how stupid of a "solution" this is.

However, we got to admit, 5x optical zoom is the best we have yet on Smartphones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2020Please be available here.Don't waste you money, the so call 60X Super Zoom is merely 5X Optical Zoom the rest Ase all digital zoom, which mean the image will be grainy once exceed 5X zoom.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2020In Malaysia it is already available to purchase starting to... moreWay over priced, one can easily get a Poco F2 with better chips & Super Amoled screen, Realme is merely lowest price brand of Oppo, which make it equal to Redmi, Redmi Note series, Snapdragon 855+ is 2019 chips, worsts of all it doesn't come with SD card slots & 3.5mm audio jack, totally not worth the asking price.

  • Anonymous

Please be available here.

  • Anonymous

this wont be available in ph 100% since the most expensive model sold here is realme xt lol .. ph is not realme's market i guess

Oh look, they made the image of the phone without the ugly punch holes...
This is totally not because everyone hate punch hole and they know themselves that phones without those look infinitely better, how could that be, it would mean they were hiding it, it can't be, right ?

NotCory, 02 Jun 2020*cough* moreDon't cough anywhere bro, covid is not a joke.

  • Anonymous

In Malaysia it is already available to purchase starting today at MYR1999 for 8gb/128gb version and MYR2299 for 12gb/256gb version.

  • Anonymous

In Thailand, actual sales will start on June 6.