nubia Play leaves China under a new name: nubia Red Magic 5G Lite

02 June 2020
The phone comes with a Snapdragon 765G chipset and costs CNY2,400 ($340) in China.

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  • 03 Jun 2020

Considering Nubia have been making amazing gaming phones, and that the 765g is a really great mid range chip, I'd be lying if I said this phone isn't going to sell a butt load in countries where people want gaming phones, but don't want to sell their kidneys.
Heck I'd buy one just for the gaming!

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    • 02 Jun 2020

    Only because of the bigger battery, I might be interested. However, they BETTER not give it the same LTE bands as the Red Magic 5G. They moved a couple key ones I need for my carrier so if they do it again, I can't use it to is full potential.

      I am getting this phone! An upgrade to 768g in the global version would be even better.

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        • 02 Jun 2020

        Spanky, 02 Jun 2020Might as well have made the camera a pop-up one, rather tha... moreI both agree and disagree...
        I am a fan of pop up camera, they are elegant, have an awesome cool aspect, offer true fulldisplay and privacy.
        And as much as I want my next phone to have a Vivo V17 Pro like pop up camera with 3D Facial recognition sensors on it, really thin bezels like on this phone are totally acceptable, many phone with punch hole or notch have a chin bigger than this bezel, I am sure there are phone with notch or hole with a top border as thick as this bezel...

        Also, they used proper (not super tiny or in stupid places) and direct (not underdisplay) ambiant light and proximity sensors based on the pics, which is something that is sadly rare nowadays, even on phones with bezel, the Meizu 16 is a good example of that, so Nubia made a great job not forgetting the essential and good old tech while offering a really slim bezel that I am sure will quickly be unnoticed after some use (perhaps just few minutes).

        So yeah, we need more pop ups ! And IMO all phone with punch hole or notch is a wasted opportunity for a pop up.
        But bezel should also stay as an alternative and a simpler option for budget phones.

          5 amp battery with 30w fast charging? That's something you don't see every day. Unless the "fast charging" is 27 watts via quick charge 4+

            Might as well have made the camera a pop-up one, rather than putting bezels on a 2020 phone. Only Apple has that privilege.

              This is absolutely excellent. Many people might not quite want a flagship Red Magic 5G or a 'King' Lenovo Legion... I am really glad Nubia have done this... That is amazing and the price is going to be excellent. And best of all... Many people in these times might want a gaming phone but would prefer to spend maybe 400usd on a gaming phone. And that 765G is plenty enough for good frame rates and graphics. I mean I wouldn't go much lower than that. But the 765G is proving a fairly decent SoC for gaming. More people can enjoy gaming smartphones... Excellent move by Nubia.