Xiaomi will launch the Mi Band 4 NFC in Europe with Mastercard support (starting with Russia)

02 June 2020
Previously, the NFC version was available only in China. Now it's coming to European markets and will support payments and public transport.

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Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020mastercard wth ? i think they should start with visaAfraid it isn't that simple. Fitbit Charge 3 via NFC only supports MasterCard too. Don't know where the limitation stems from, technology or banking/mastercard policy.

  • AnonD-765630

Xiaomi is overloading with devices, it too confusing for people.
Release the Band 4 and the Band 5 is being announced.

So many phones which naming that makes no sense to people...release a 9 or 10 then go back to a 7 or 8.

I really think they need to focus their portfolio and make it simper and less saturated.

  • Anonymous

mastercard wth ?
i think they should start with visa

but why? after they announced the incoming MiBand 5?

  • Anonymous

I'm confused. Why would they do this while releasing the Mi Band 5 only 1 week later?

I welcome the feature being added, but this is plain stupid. Most people who wanted the Mi Band 4 already have it, they won't re-buy the same thing to have this functionality, instead either go for the 5 or ditch the band altogether for a Samsung or Apple watch that can do it all. That's at least here in EU.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2020It's weird to consider Russia as a Europe when maybe only 1... moreIt's considered in europe because 80% of its population are in the european part of russia

  • Anonymous

It's weird to consider Russia as a Europe when maybe only 1/4 of it's land are in European region.

  • Anonymous

Nice to hear this especially from the apple of india