Facebook's Manage Activity feature lets you bulk hide and delete old posts

02 June 2020
The company is doing more to help people curate their profiles.

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Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020Still don't have an option to delete fb account..But there is an option to do that though.

Are you from India mate? :D

  • RED

Guys FaceBook app absolutely crushes my Android Samsung A51 perfomance guys.

The pho e becomes unusable barely gets 20 fps when I exit to main screen and freezes my phones from time to time when i use it.

Does anyone with Flagship phone experience the same thing like I did?

They also should do something to not allow organisations like Police and jurisdiction to follow us and report whathewer they dont like to see.
Spending half day on a policestation because someone didnt like what i posted is not very funny. Especialy when it was meaning for fun not to insult anyone.

  • Anonymous

Still don't have an option to delete fb account..