Oppo Reno4 and Reno4 Pro promo videos are all about the camera

03 June 2020
The duo will become official on June 5.

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  • Hatem Z
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  • 10 Mar 2021

Reno 4 Dual-view Video update please

    Do a european model with bulgarian language for system, and I will buy for wifey

      phoneboi, 04 Jun 2020If Oppo advertised this phone for its camera, they better n... moreI think the reason why reno 3 camera performance slightly worse than reno 2 is due to the ISP, since reno 2 used snapdragon chipset and reno 3 used mediatek chipset

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        • KZK
        • 04 Jun 2020

        just like realme, this is another company that pissed me off .... just 1 month ago oppo officially launch reno3 in my country ... and now they want to release reno4?

        what the point? flooding the market? reno series is no longer feel special in my book.. dont deserved to be in the same level as galaxy s , note , iphone, huawei p , mate , lg v , xperia 1 and xiaomi mi series / lineup ..

        oppo just make reno name feel cheap with incremental upgrade like this..

          If Oppo advertised this phone for its camera, they better not mess up like the X2 series, even from the Reno series itself, i consider the cameras from Reno3 Pro a downgrade from the Reno2. Please let it be good, Oppo.

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            • 6rv
            • 04 Jun 2020

            It does nothing more than a smartphone from last year

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              • gKT
              • 03 Jun 2020

              I think IMX686 would be a more proper solution as a sensor because IMX586 is already 2 years old. But Oppo can take advantage of old sensor very much anyway, so seeing the ads, this new Reno series will have amazing cameras.