Some Realme X50t specs leak

04 June 2020
The 5G support was reduced and size has increased.

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SteveFOX, 04 Jun 2020Don't understand how companies keep pricing the 765G agains... moreFind a snapdragon 855 or even a 845 for $250.00 which is what the x50 5g costs. Name a phone that can do 333k in antutu for $250.00
And don't say the 10x 5g cause you can't even find them for less than $310.00 and they aren't even in stock. The X50 5g is incredible performance for the price. 5g is irrelevant since there is no 5g bands (band 71) n41, n260 (37 to 40GHz) -- used by Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile
n261 (27.5 to 28.35GHz) -- used by Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile
n257, n258...... All the reviews keep talking about 5g when none of them ever mention the 5g bands are only supported in china. LMAO.
Yeah the pill punchhole sucks and most of us would prefer an AMOLED 60hz over the ips 120hz but when it comes to actual performance and variety of 4g bands i think this phone is the best deal right now especially if you live in the USA and use tmobile. Just use it as a 4g phone. The realme 6 pro which is basically the x50 5g but with less 4g bands and a slower chipset even costs more than the x50 5g. Also, if you can find them, the x2 non pro and the realme x are great phones in the $200-$250 price point and they have custom rom support on xda devs site so you can buy the Chinese versions and flash them to stock Android 10 pretty easily. They both have AMOLED screens and are both great phones.

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SteveFOX, 04 Jun 2020Don't understand how companies keep pricing the 765G agains... moreThe problem is, Kirin 820 is NOT mid-range SoC.
This SoC is actually 'watered down' version of Kirin 985, and looking at the ONLY device powered by this SoC is Honor 30s which priced ~500 USD, so it's more like a 'lite' high-end.

On the other hand, D1000 is true flagship-grade SoC in the cheap.
It's cheap enough that Iqoo Z1 could be priced below 400 USD.

That's why, tech-enthusiast NEVER bothered to look at SD76x-powered SoC; buying last year's flagship with SD855 is much more logical.

I just hope Realme will release a device to rival Redmi 10x which powered by D800/D820.
As of now, no Realme phones (except flagship x2 pro) could match D800 in terms of performance.

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Don't understand how companies keep pricing the 765G against some budget SD855 devices.
Are people really fooled into buying 765 instead of 855 at that price?
Even the Iqoo Z with Dimensity 1000 is leagues above SD765, not to mention Kirin 820 wipes the floor with it as well.

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Instead of competing with Redmi 10x which offer incredible price-to-performance ratio, Realme choose to release yet another overestimated, overhyped piece of crap, with VERY limited 5G frequency.