Case renders show the Galaxy Note20+ will have a curved screen, Note20 screen will be flat

05 June 2020
We've seen that in other leaked renders too. It's strange because since the S8, Samsung has been using curved screens for its flagships.

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  • Habib922

I have Galaxy note 3 bought 2013, Now waiting to see Galaxy note 20 Plus. plz. inform me when will be marked soon. I like Curve Screen & Curve Back

Bat21, 09 Jun 2020Note 4 is my current and probably my last note. I am going ... moreUnless your Note 4 is not working good, I would stick with it. I have the Note 9 and it actually cannot do that much more than the Note 4 can. And to be honest I liked the Note 4 screen and camera more than I like them on the Note 9...

Zoki, 05 Jun 2020Personally, I like the opposite curve, like it was on LG G4... more100% agree with you :D
Appart of a better FLAT screev, the curved back case in the LG G3 & G4 were extremly BEAUTIFUL and gave you a much satifying and effective grabbing. You felt the phone much better hold (due to the more surface in contact with your palm that gives the curved back).

Functionally and aesthetically, thar back curved surface was the better.

Also, (aesthetically) I miss the beatiful slight curves on top and bottom.
LG G3 and LG G4 have the most beatiful shape till date, IMO.
(Samsung had them before, in the Galaxy Note 8 Tab GT-N5110 from 2013)

Note 4 is my current and probably my last note. I am going to the Xcover Pro. No curved screen, removable battery, FM Radio, 3.5 mm jack, Android 10 all plus only negative is the camera is not as good as I would like it. There is nothing about the note 10 or 20 that justifies me spending that money for it.
But time to buy a real camera with a sight glass shroud so I can see the image clearly in bright sunlight like my old Nikon film camera

  • trivik12

Need to get 3.5mm back. Otherwise I am going to some other manufacturer who supports that for next upgrade. Plus S20 series had many compromises around camera focusing that need to be resolved. Samsung needs to do something bold like work with Google to create Google Camera software for Samsung series(officially supported for all the cameras). Plus offer better software support.

  • FrostPE

Sadly my last Note will be my curent Note8. :-( Note9 is almost the same and newer ones Note10, Note20 missing crucial parts for me (LED notification, 3,5 mm jack)...

Sam Q, 07 Jun 2020Flat or curved these phones will sell in millions. Samsung ... moreSadly this is totally true, rather than listening to what tech literate peoples say, they just make the easy choice of following the trend, even if the trend is stupid and all of us nerds shout at them to stop/change...

Flat or curved these phones will sell in millions. Samsung doesn't mind the opinion of tech nerds online and aesthetics matter alot to casual users.

  • Jimbob

Very bad choice to use a curved screen on the Note... you know the phone were you want a flat surface so you can use the spen better.. and make the sides flat.. I dont want to be holding a bar of soap. Seems like Sony's new phone is doing everything right

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2020There a headphones that work as wired and wireless and the ... moreWhat if I want to use my Corsair Void Pro who have a Jack port on my phone ?
Yes it happened to me multiple times.

Earphone are the smallest part of the audio equipment that a phone can be plugged into, there are tons of stuff that a native jack port can take advantage, including non audio stuffs by the way.
There are NO valid reasons to remove Jack port except for selling you additional wireless equipment, and Bluetooth have a bad audio quality because of the lack of bandwidth.
The only smart option would be to put a magnetic Jack "port" that negate all the cons of physicals ports while maintaining compatibility with a small adapter that can be universal and won't require to use the USB port that you can many time get in the way of the need to charge the phone while, for example, looking at a movie or having a long conversation.

  • Anonymous

andrehe, 06 Jun 2020Luckily, the Sony Xperia 1 ii has a 3.5mm jack, and a flat ... moreThere a headphones that work as wired and wireless and the presence of the jack does not stop people from using bluetooth. Dunno why we go backwards now.

The curved display on S10+ sometimes makes it impossible to press the on-screen shutter camera button (while holding the phone with single hand only) bc the phone is already registering touches at the edges.
With unlocked screen, you can barely take these curved-display phones off the table without launching an app or pressing some UI button.
One of the great design failures.

  • Chris

Aadrian, 06 Jun 2020I hope they will reduce the camera hump, it's hideous. Note... moreagree with you 100%

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2020Have you seen earlier articles show on the left side? It wo... moreLuckily, the Sony Xperia 1 ii has a 3.5mm jack, and a flat display. People who care about audio quality, reliability, confidentiality, and/or the environment prefer a jack and a cable-based solution.

I would prefer a bevel large enough that the display can have sharp corners and still be resilient to breakage, an aspect ratio of 16:9 would be good for me. But only old smartphones have this: S5, S7.

  • Anonymous

Note 20 Jack, 06 Jun 2020Wow it will also have a headphone jack!! If ot does I wipl ... moreHave you seen earlier articles show on the left side? It won't have a jack. Samsung will put it on the Note 20 lite to associate it with poor people and push everyone on classy wireless throwaways.

I hope they will reduce the camera hump, it's hideous. Note 10 looks already better if they put the huge hump from the S20 on the Note series. It's a personal opinion but I just don't like it at all, it would be a reason for me to not buy this phone, also depending on the price.

  • zipzap

Shanti Dope, 05 Jun 2020I don't get people and manufacturers' obsession over curved... moreyou don't seem to understand that people are willing to pay a lot for beuty
in tech forums a lot of ppl hate on a curved screen, in reality, it makes the phone easier to sell as it stands out and looks better on top of that they can advertise a bigger screen size

  • Anonymous

If these pictures are real, there are amazingly no bezel at all...great

  • Note 20 Jack

Wow it will also have a headphone jack!! If ot does I wipl definitely buy Note 20+ otherwise no thanks, im not in with the "double dongles". Ohh that sounds explicit. I havent forgotten that Samsung ad moking iphone no look who deserves all the mocking in the world!

Jacktackle, 05 Jun 2020Thank goodness I tot Samsung is dead of their identity. Wha... more*snap*

Thats going in my "cringey low effort baits" collection