Oppo Reno4 and Reno4 Pro party all night in their first promo video

04 June 2020
The Oppo Enco W51 take a more mellow path and use their noise cancellation to block out annoying sounds.

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  • 21 Jun 2021

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    • 26 Jun 2020

    Looking forward to Reno 4. Super excited. I have seriously become an Oppo fan. Well, I can't have enough of this brand. After having iPhone and Galaxy flagship phones all my life, I was pretty doubtful about Oppo so I bought the budgeted F7, in case I didn't like it, I would've invested little on it. Oppo was probably the most "caring" brand that I got to experience as a consumer. My first budget phone ever (Oppo F7) is going to get Color OS 7, which I wasn't expecting given its age and price point. Normally, only flagship phones have an update cycle of 2 years. Also, the features I got from it are amazing. Not to mention the excellent battery life I am still enjoying even after using it for 2 years. It's still fast and the OS is pretty neat and customizable. One of the most customizable launchers there is on offer. I would strongly recommend it.

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      • 08 Jun 2020

      Spanky, 08 Jun 2020Well, you said that that's what „people desire the most“, b... moreAlso, since you seem interested in the subject, here is a second comment.
      (The first one being reviewed by the mods, probably because of the Youtube links)

      Don't don't only want fast facial unlock, you also want secure facial unlock, and this isn't only about privacy but your phone itself.
      The only way to archive secure facial unlock is to use specialized sensors, 3D facial recognition on its most common form use Dot projector and IR camera (and potentially IR floodlight).

      Since it allow to make sure the face is in 3D and is somewhat resembling the one that was scanned initially, but we all agreed that it isn't perfect, 3D printed head can force unlock it, though not everyone is able to 3D print someone's head.

      But Trinamix working with Qualcomm developed an algorithm using those two sensors to check for living skin, dramatically improving security, but we could go two steps further.

      The first step would be to add an ultraviolet camera and its floodlight (UV level that aren't dangerous for skin, also we talk about short exposure time and doses) as skin can show details on the UV spectrum that are hard to replicate, those can be anything but most commonly they are skin damages caused by the sun, and even twins don't have the same as they can't have the same exacts sun exposure and cells reactions.
      Here is what a face look with UVs :
      And yes makeup and sunscreen can hide those, but I'll comeback to that.

      The second step would be to use a scanning laser, it would literally scan a part of the face really fast, the goal here would be to both have an extra precise spot on the face and to detect the "steps" of a 3D printed model that are printed in layers, when initially scanning your face to gather biometric data, the scanner would scan your whole face, but for unlocking it would only do it when a single pseudo randomly chosen spot on your face.

      In term of physical sensor requirements, the minimal would be a camera that can combine UV, visible light and IR, for even better security, you can put a secondary visible light camera or even a second UV, visible and IR one, but the cheapest option would be one of each, the floodlight can be made as the dual led flash, therefor taking only one slot and making both IR and UV, even triple to also have a regular front light.
      Then the dot projector can be combined with the laser scanner, meaning there are one laser emitter and one receiver.
      So the minimum is 3 sensor slots in term of space, but ideally you would want 3 camera doing the 3 modes, one led doing the 3 lights, one dots projector, one laser scanner and one laser receiver, meaning 6 sensors slot for biometrics and front facing camera.
      This is obvious that a punch hole can't permit that much sensors, and a notch would be extra large, so the only two solutions are bezel and pop up camera (a large one like the Vivo V17 Pro).

      But all that is great, but there is another need :
      A dedicated security chip, it would store "locally" all the biometric datas, meaning not directly accessible for the OS, guaranteeing privacy of your biometry datas, but also, being dedicated, it would use a combinaison of really fast hardware specially made for handling such task and software that can be upgraded, and this include AI.
      Now imagine the chip being able to handle multiple security (including multiples biometric sources) at once, it would work on a "token" principle, the more data it can gather and confirm, the higher the security token it can give, the user can then choose what security method he want for each app and what security level he desire, for example, if the facial recognition only get a partial face, the score would be lower than a full face, same with things covering the UV datas, so if you have makeup or sunscreen for example, the security chip will determine that the minimum UV details aren't readable.
      That way, you always get the best possible security, and in cases where you can't show your whole face (wearing a mask for example) you can still unlock your phone, but you would need full security to access some critical apps or functions.
      And this chip being independent from the OS, it would make it possible to protect the phone against thiefs as the phone would require a good enough level of security to allow access to bootloader, so no way to factory reset the phone, meaning the phone would have basically no value for pit pockets, and this would be way more valuable for most users than privacy protecting biometry, while still protecting your privacy too.

      Now, the pop up can be improved, this is something that I invented and is really easy to implement, an electromagnetically actuated pop up, imagine the pop up camera being a closed module hosting the sensors, other than guiding rails, the pop up would have tiny magnets on its sides, then, the the phone's housing it is inside would also have magnets, but also electromagnets (simple coils), take all that and use simple springs on top and bottom.
      Now your pop up is stored, you can, if you want, push on it, and it will move slightly downward, so the issue of dust jamming it wouldn't be an issue here, note that the housing can be totally sealed, meaning IP68 compliant.
      So the pop up simply is kept in place thanks to magnets, when you switch to front cam, the electromagnets would beat the magnets, the pop up would really quickly goes up, get damped by the springs and get "locked" in the up position thanks to the other group of magnets.
      This mean, almost instant extract and retract motion, no wear except for the guiding rails, almost no chances of failure, and in case of any forced retraction, no mechanical latch are being damaged as it is only using magnets, it would be quite cheap to make, take less space than a motor based pop up and have many other advantages.
      This is why I advocate pop up, because if enough phones with pop up are made, this type will eventually appear.

      Also, a really important thing is that my ideal phone design doesn't have a pop up, it doesn't have any front facing camera, rather it have only main (back) camera and all the sensors to do 3D facial recognition on the back, you simply go from holding it vertically to portrait mode (back facing you) by twisting your wrist to unlock.
      And rather than a second display on the back or something like that, there is two solution.
      The really cheap one is basically a physically and manually extracted arm that have two mirrors to allow to use the main cam as a selfie cam while having access to the display.
      The second and really high tech solution is basically a retinal projector, in short it is an image projected into your eyes, and there are tons of advantages there, not only with stereoscopic projection you can get 3D vision, but you also don't need any supports, meaning you literally see things floating as if it was an hologram, and with good hand gesture sensors and software, the possibilities become really amazing, you could easily allow other chosen person to see it too, you can use it as a video projector against a wall, you can put your smartphone on its face on the table and have an experience richer than a desktop, you can hold it while walking as if you were texting, but you look in front of you, and you have a 3D interface showing shops, your route, point of interest, phone statut, weather, alerts and other notifications, etc.
      Now THAT would be interesting !
      It would be an augmented/mixed reality without any glasses, just having your smartphone in line of sight of your eyes, like in front of your stomach.
      The idea of screenless displays isn't new, and though I personally imagined the concept of projecting image directly into the eye, I didn't know that other also took that route.
      Here is two links about that :

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        • 08 Jun 2020

        Spanky, 08 Jun 2020Well, you said that that's what „people desire the most“, b... moreWell I thought you were answering to this article :
        In which I posted what features I would like to have on a smartphone, which is why there was this confusion.
        But yes indeed peoples clearly want fulldisplay and virtually no one prefer notches or holes over fulldisplay.

        And well, the issue is, punch holes and notches INVADED the market, the almost totality of the smartphone market is comprised of those two despite being actively disliked by the majority of users.
        Underdisplay camera is the worse possible idea for tons of reasons, I already explained many times why, and it will either big a huge fail or reinforce the bad habits the notch and punch hole created, which is the removal of useful sensors and having a chin as big as what a bezel would be.
        Pop up on the other hand are rare, they offer fulldisplay and basically ALL the "facts" peoples said about them are totally false, including the "time" it take.
        I'll need to again search those video, but in short, the OnePlus 7(t) Pro have an identical or even faster face unlocking than similar phone (in terne of price range, features and year of release).
        Here is one : https://youtu.be/UHtRYt-5bIk
        Here is a second : https://youtu.be/_gU9fFcX1C0
        And a third one : https://youtu.be/-oHqnhjRZCs

        I prefer someone hearing me than someone seeing me without my consent, having your windows open is already making you being potentially heard by other peoples, but who in his right mind would prefer being seen than heard on his phone filming him while he is on the toilets or watching an adult video on his phone ?
        Pop up camera at least give you the guarantee that while it is stored, you aren't being visually spied upon, and once it goes out you can react, plus, once pop up camera got released at first, many websites and apps got exposed to take sneak pictures of the user with excuses such as "it load camera related things" which is totally stupid as opening the camera app with the main camera selected don't actuate the pop up...
        Then, it stopped, the pop up is rarely "randomly" being actuated by apps or websites, you'd think that they stopped taking illegally uncontested pictures of the user, but you'd have a surprise if you were to make your phone with a pop up appear as a phone without one (device ID/model)...

        And because there are no physical way to do that except putting a ON/OFF + push to talk button for the microphone that physically disconnect it, the issue is that peoples being stupid they won't accept that, even if they can just leave it on the ON position of they don't care about their privacy, pop up microphone wouldn't change anything except of the microphone is physically disabled while stored and sound proof thing you'd carry to prevent your phone to hear what happen would be massive and really heavy, sound isn't easily stopped, mainly with a sensitive microphone, that's why, but there are many peoples who are concerned about the microphones, and for rightful reasons as sound based illegal user privacy intrusion appear often in news with proofs.
        But this isn't because one cause a greater threat than the other that we shouldn't get both, imagine if while the COVID is the new big pandemic, we stopped to treat every other diseases just because this one is more urgent...

        Good day too.

          AnonD-909757, 07 Jun 2020This is not about what people want, but about what is the m... moreWell, you said that that's what „people desire the most“, but afterwards you say „it's not about what people want“. It is a bit confusing…

          Anyway, I understand how you feel about pop-up cameras, but you can't blame people for having different opinions or priorities. The ones that I'd preffer are under display cameras, but that's a different story. You get the best of both worlds: full screen display and a readily available camera. One of the drawbacks of the pop-up cameras is the fact that you can't instantly use face unlock. I can understand people's privacy concerns, but not even a pop-up camera can stop any of that, once it is out. On a side note, as far as privacy is concerned, the microphone might pose an even bigger threat, since you don't even need to point it at your face and it could potentially record your interactions even if it's in your pocket. But you don't see people asking for pop-up microphones or to put them in some sound proof slots.

          Good day, mate!

            With the Snapdragon 5G chipsets, I kind of have a feeling that it will be extremely expensive. Any news on the price yet?

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              • 07 Jun 2020


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                • 07 Jun 2020

                Spanky, 07 Jun 2020Whoa! Not EVERYBODY wants that. I don't mind punch holes.This is not about what people want, but about what is the most logical and worth of the money.
                BTW tell me a single of the feature that I wrote and a GOOD/valid reason why someone would NOT want that.

                Well, this apply the same way to you then, the majority of peoples don't want notches and punch holes, and in almost all those who does, this isn't the notch or hole they want, but the fulldisplay, they just accept the compromise, which is a stupid compromise.
                And unlike most of the feature I wrote, this is an INVASIVE thing, most of what I wrote are things that if you don't like them, you aren't forced to deal with them, and this is a HUGE difference.
                YOU personally don't care about your privacy, phone security or effective proximity detection and display auto adjusting brightness, and the wasted space on the notification/statut bar, just for the sake of an almost useless, single little and meh quality camera, this doesn't mean everybody else do the same.

                Pop up would have been the preferred option by now if it wasn't for peoples to originally spread stupid misconceptions about it that scared peoples away.
                Pop up aren't invasive, when they aren't used they offer fulldisplay, and I don't see any reason to complain when you use them anyway, unlike punch holes and notches who have tons of clear drawbacks.

                  AnonD-909757, 06 Jun 2020Ok GSMArena, but why the deceiving image with a hidden hole... moreWhoa! Not EVERYBODY wants that. I don't mind punch holes.

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                    • 07 Jun 2020

                    Jojo, 06 Jun 2020A shame about the punch hole. It is 2020. No one wants punc... moreLiterally every single phone has a punch-hole or a notch lmao

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                      • 06 Jun 2020

                      A shame about the punch hole. It is 2020. No one wants punch holes or notches.

                        I'm really digging the Enco W51 ! They are pleasant and the sound, if like their previous model, could be very nice with than ANC, specially for that price !

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                          • 06 Jun 2020

                          OnePlus Z is that you?

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                            • 06 Jun 2020

                            Ok GSMArena, but why the deceiving image with a hidden hole ?
                            It look like a real fulldisplay phone which is what peoples desire the most, just to get disappointed...