Redmi 7A gets Android 10 update in China

05 June 2020
This is a rather surprising development considering how low-end of a device it is.

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  • Srikanth sri

Redmi 7a when update 10

  • milenkokg

Android 10,patch may 2020 ,just now updated,eu rom (serbia)

  • Haris

i want buy a new phone wich is perfect for me
i dont like infiny display phone

  • Anonymous

i just got my update for may 2020 security patch(redmi note 8 pro)

  • Anonymous

HasseneS, 06 Jun 2020All redmi note and redmi 8 lineup will get the android 10 e... moreThe downside of releasing zillion phones each month.

  • HasseneS

SmartButCool, 06 Jun 2020But no Android 10 for redmi note 8All redmi note and redmi 8 lineup will get the android 10 eventually, i guess it was supposed to happen by now but the virus pandemic slowed things down, i am on redmi 8A and in February they spotted in benchmarks sites people using the same device as mine running android 10 so they're testing everything by now. It just needs time

Don't OS' get more bloaty and more power hungry with each iteration, though? And new bugs too.

  • Anonymous


Even redmi 7 still stuck with pie.

  • Neno

What is not current? May patch? It is June now, how it is not current?

But no Android 10 for redmi note 8

This is really cool.

  • Anonymous

Did they give Android version upgrade to redmi 6a?