One UI 2.5 might bring ads to stock Samsung apps [Updated]

08 June 2020
It remains to be seen how Samsung will handle ad placement in its upcoming One UI update.

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  • Anonymous

You gotta be kidding me Samsung?? Oh dear

selvarajrajkanna, 08 Jun 2020You fanbois make me chuckle Right.
Ill chuckle right back when you're squinting at your 400$ phone or when you have to wait 15s whilst you apreciate the add on your display.

  • Max

Do this samsung and my next phone will be iphone.
We're already done with exynos cpus,stop making wrong moves.

  • Anonymous

This is a bad idea...
Imagine you are in a dangerous situation where you have to call someone but you have to wait 15 seconds just to unlock your phone...
And the thing is... I have a Samsung A20
If the update has ads, I will sell my A20 immediately!
and I'll switch over to Xiaomi.

i wish hmd don't follow this ad pattern too

If this proves to be true, my planned A51 5G purchase will be on hold if not outright cancelled...

  • Maria

One of important reasons why I change my phone to Samsung is NO NO NO ads in their UI. If there were ads, I will be back to Xiaomi or any Chinese brands.

  • geordie81

this sounds like a very bad idea regardless of which models they are trying to market

  • RejZoR

Imagine you need to call emergency services and you have to wait 1 minute and 30 seconds long ad before you can call. Also this is straight up idiotic.

  • geordie81

this sounds like a very bad idea regardless of which models they are trying to market, this could prove more costly then the revenue they generate from ads, and sure, for now it may be the lower end models but what if it actually becomes profitable and they decide to bring in a few more models, before long we cound have an entire range of devices including flagships with adverts? I would jump ship in a heartbeat if there is no workaround and this arrived on flagships

  • Anonymous

Why tho....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2020That 15 second time is probably because of failed unlock at... moreNope, the Korean above the timer tells you to watch the advertisment to unlock.

Banners on lockscreen that make you wait 15 seconds to open? If thats true then thats a terrible decision. I dont care if its on a budget phone, if someone has bought it then they have bought it at the price samsung want to sell it as. System integrated ads are unacceptable.

  • pan

samsung fans need to buy a feature phone or even a dumb phone, to use it when they dont feel like viewing an ad

  • Anonymous

At last, I have a reason to convince my parents to buy Xiaomi instead of Samsung.

  • Anonymous

That 15 second time is probably because of failed unlock attempts though.

  • Anonymous

Imagine you pay the Samsung tax already, receive 2 OS updates (a year late) and on top of that you have to watch ads to use your phone xD.

It's either a bad joke or Samsung is trying to commit suicide.

  • Economist

If it is true, samsung are preparing their own grave

What's the betting a whole boat load of extra phones from years back get updated to 2.5?