Samsung Wearable app confirms “Galaxy Watch 3” and the new bean-shaped Buds

09 June 2020
Some assets of the upcoming Galaxy accessories were discovered in the Wearable app.

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  • 14 Jun 2020

Read the comments here. Interested in purchasing both the Beans and the Galaxy Watch 3. Re Beans, currently use years-old Plantronics Backbeat Fit - which I like. But the new ones have battery issues that make them unusable. Prefer bluetooth wired headsets like Backbeat Fit (more battery, less likely to lose them) but willing to give Samsung a try (especially because battery on Buds+ is good). But want ANC and better dust/water. Issue is whether the Beans will stay in your ears ?
Re Galaxy Watch 3, I really want a watch to work - so I don't need to bring the phone everywhere (e.g. the gym). Biggest issue for me is Bixby - which sucks. Can't use your hands as much as you would with phone - so gotta use voice. But Bixby on Galaxy Watch (2 yrs ago) was terrible. Hope they've fixed. Know it has fewer apps than Apple - but as long as the basics are covered (Spotify, some mapping software) ... I should be ok.

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    • 09 Jun 2020

    Are these pictures for real? How do they stick on our ears, by magnets? I rather have rabbit ears that can magnify sounds that can wear over your head than placing these kidney beans on my ears. Good for exercise for those who wants to do, "pick up after dropping 'em beans" exercise. The new buds are certainly dangerous for toddlers because they look like candies.

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      • 09 Jun 2020

      Samsung kidneys?

        Excited for the Beans!!!

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          • sm2
          • 09 Jun 2020

          No ANC, no buy

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            • 09 Jun 2020

            Hi GSMArena Team!

            LG Velvet is now available in Iran and is costs about 450$ and it got a new color option in Iran :
            Aura silver .
            Please cover this on your website

              I am not sure what these companies, which release Smartwatches, are trying to achieve other than maximizing their profits.

              These smartwatches come with very few improvements as far as their purpose and functionality is concerned.
              The sensors offer a questionable ability to provide dependable data for the user. The improvements on this are minor and the companies don't show attempts to make sensors more accurate. Maybe the don't have the technology but they like charging for a passable product a very premium price.

              They keep changing the size of the face of the watch and they play a tiny bit more with the resolution of the panel. They might attempt to use a new processor every 2 years.

              But the sensors remain the same or they claim to have bought a company that built a new sensor better than before. With different algorithms yes, significantly better no.

              The smartwatch capabilities of these watches are very limited. At best you can read some messages. Writing or dictating is a pain... Listening to voice messages is not offered.
              Typing, sending emails ? Forget it. The app store is often very disappointing.

              The limited capabilities of these watches gave birth to hundreds of FIT-watches on the market. With these sensors that measure someone's heart-rate, speed and distance, they are able to offer more software apps and impress.

              All this sounds like a very experimental state of development, and like I previously mentioned, the price that is often required to buy these watches is unacceptable.
              But it's their product and they put their logo on it so they can do however they feel like.

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                • 09 Jun 2020

                I'm praying there is music storage on these new Buds like the previous two 'X' versions

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                  • 09 Jun 2020

                  I hope they release all on August and I also hope they update tizen os.