Google kicks off Android 11 Beta OTA and factory images

10 June 2020
You can enroll an eligible device and pull the update right away.

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  • 19 Nov 2021


    I hope that Chinese brands like xiaomi and huawei don't delay more the Android 11update


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        • 13 Jun 2020


          waiting for the official release(August/September) on pixel 3 :D

            Well, Wi-Fi sharing was already possible through Google Files, but it's goot to have built-in support for it. I wonder how they are going to handle file sharing with previous versions of Android.

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              • 11 Jun 2020

              android 9.2

                Peachy001, 11 Jun 2020Not sure I'm commenting on the right article, based on the ... moreYou mean screen sharing? Yikes....

                  Not sure I'm commenting on the right article, based on the first few posts. But, here goes. I wish they'd allow casting on Pixel devices, without the need for a wretched Chromecast. It is one reason why I tell people not to buy the devices. Several members of my family etc all want a camera like mine, but each time I say avoid, due to casting issues. It's such an Apple thing to do, to limit the devices like that. The rest of stuff they add is 80% not a deal breaker for me. Though I think adding music controls to the top of the screen is a bizarre choice. Inputs should be low down. The privacy stuff is very welcome though. Anyone tried it? Safe as a daily driver?

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                    • 11 Jun 2020

                    and get that girl from Stranger Things as the brand ambassador

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                      • 11 Jun 2020

                      My favorite combination is android phone and Windows computer. They are great. I've upgraded my laptop ram and waited so long to upgrade to Windows 10 latest version. I had heard that it has issues. But I've installed it and it works great and it is very stable. Try it yourself guys. And android is great too. I'm still using Samsung S6 Edge and it works good. It is running android 7 unfortunately.

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                        • 10 Jun 2020

                        I Thought that Factory Images as New Default Wallpapers of Android 11 .. and Went to The Source Link to Download it.
                        I'm Idiot. He he..