Xiaomi announces Android 11 beta is coming soon to the Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro and Poco F2 Pro

11 June 2020
Google officially announced Android 11 Beta 1 only yesterday and made it available to Pixel phones (Pixel 2 and newer).

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First for those of you that do not have android one xiaomi device stop complaining for when it will be updated to android 11. It will get like a year if you have a midrange. For those of you have android one devices it is completely right to be frustrated cause you should have been the first to get the update. Bear in mind that android one devices get updates direclty from google. It is well known that google can do much with 665 SoC and they have droubles making it work with the updates.

  • barons

Plankies, 12 Jun 2020What about your android one devices xiaomi? Mi A3, Mi A2!!!... moreA2 will not be getting A11.. Plus Android one phones for Xiaomi doesn't get an open beta

  • B.z

Just purchased redmi note 9s extremely frustrated by the screen bleeding issue around the front camera cut out. And what abou miui 12 upgrade in thesw dilevices ?

  • Plankies

What about your android one devices xiaomi? Mi A3, Mi A2!!! Yeah seems like xiaomi has no intention of keeping to the android one program. The Mi A3 got a buggy android 10 beginning of May, and no fixes has been applied yet.

  • Chimuon

And crappy xioami budget-midrange phone will get only next miui version with same old android version 😂 crappy xioami

  • Poco X2

What about Poco X2 ? Fix display issue, battery issue and heating problem. then talk about unreleased F2 Pro. Review units are not source to announce future plans with no real customer base.