Sony unveils the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition hardware

11 June 2020
Also showcased a ton of new games coming next year.

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  • jason

how many media ports does it have? doesnt look like a lot.

  • Anonymous

The PlayStation 5 makes sense
We are being told here that tells price isn't out yet
It wud be great if the price shouldn't be on the higher side

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Is very nice can't wait to get one I have to start saving money now I love playing GTA 5 the graphics will be so accurate on it

  • Augustus

Is beautiful I can't wait to have one I need to see it

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2020The all you can take is a more year old game example. Prett... moreMan game of the year which is maybe 4 years old.
Whats your problem.
Nah i dont care.

  • Anonymous

This is for the game freaks, as for me, e no concern me o

kgibbs29, 13 Jun 2020But does someone need their great backwards compatibility t... moreIf you'd asked me.before they did it, I'd say I wasn't bothered. But I've actually played a fair few. And my family too.

  • Anonym

imparanoic, 15 Jun 2020both physical and digital has advantages, some times digita... moreNot to mention you can play any game you own at any time, without needing to find (or even switch) a disk. It's not perfect, in the sense there is almost no resale value for digital games (only when the code wasn't redeemed or you're willing to sell the account), but it's the most convenient way to game in 2020 provided you have first world internet.

Bogdan, 14 Jun 2020Sadly, the world is heading towards this. Digital is much... moreboth physical and digital has advantages, some times digital games can be cross gen and purchase one game current gen, then it free on next gen, or cross buy, i used to buy on ps vita, but i get the game free on ps4 as well

Peachy001, 12 Jun 2020You know that some of those are coming to Xbox, don't you?the presentation for xbox series x seems to emphasising on the tech and hardware, few games revealed, but it's a matter of time.

  • Bogdan

Vegetaholic, 14 Jun 2020This is not PC go away with tour digital nonsense, I want t... moreSadly, the world is heading towards this.
Digital is much better for companies, because the income from steady monthly subscriptions is better. Not so good for customers (money wise), but in the end we have to admit that this will be the future. Of gaming, of movie watching, of everything basically.

TechLad, 12 Jun 2020All I want to know is has Sony and Microsoft both sorted ou... moreThis is not PC go away with tour digital nonsense, I want to have a physical collection of the games not some pixels on my SSD. Physical media is must for consoles

  • Rp

I agree qith u its such a nice one

  • Anonymous

kgibbs29, 13 Jun 2020But does someone need their great backwards compatibility t... morexbox software is basically Windows with a custom skin
the compatibility should just be like a pc especially new xbox series x just looks like a pc and it's size

at one end you have so many great gaming smartphones, but the playstation has its own charm! love this edition.

  • Anonymous

Oldie, 12 Jun 2020Who cares what it looks like! Its all about the gaming expe... moreI Agree with you a lot. I have both PS4 and Nintendo Switch and like buying physical games than getting a digital copy.

  • DanteO2

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2020hmm i have 4x old samsung 970 pro 512Gb in raid 0 mode . I ... morealready beaten . sony already mentioned don't just buy ssds if you want extra storage let us announce the high speeds ones cause use of other ones which are below the internal ssd speeds will lower the overal speed. it uses latest and best.

  • Anonymous

With a design like that, i like the fact that you can place it on its side aswell

  • Ayaan

I love the design and it seems to be pretty decent as well.