Average selling price of Samsung smartphones grows to the highest level of the last six years

15 June 2020
This is for the first three months of 2020 when Samsung released the Galaxy S20 phones and the new Galaxy Z Flip foldable.

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potato4k, 16 Jun 2020Samsung actually don't really need to do much. On the Andr... moreI have to disagree. Samsung, fortunately or unfortunately, is stuck in Android. Thatd why they have to make themselves seem noticeably different from the competition, with the Skin over the OS, which adds a lot of great features. Also, while it us making great imaging sensor and othe hardware, it needs to improve the dwraking of it, overall yo create the very best camera experince. It needs to be the Apple of Android. It already Mked the best screens and has some of the best after sales and customer experince. But it needs to keep tuning its smartphone cameras more and more. Like, right now, it could do with better handling of texture and better triggering of HDR for challenging scenes. And Samsung should either get new team for Exynos, or move to Snapdragon for all it's high end devices

I am only glad the cheaper brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, Reno etc. exist.
Which sells affordable phones with excellent specs.
Samsung, Crapple, Sony, LG etc. only shed money from customers by selling 3-5 times more expensive than its manufacturing costs.
Same device made by xiaomi would cost half price and thhey will stil earn enough.

IpsDisplay, 16 Jun 2020Reasonable points really appreciate that you gave solid poi... moreNo problem, mate. We're just reading the news, getting excited about upcoming phones and having a good laugh. Just because you (or anyone else) like different technologies or do things differently, it doesn't mean that it's wrong.


Duck of death, 15 Jun 2020The guy who's never buying Samsung products ever again is b... moreLol, it's almost like they forget about their pledge and keep buying a phone from the company they claim to hate.

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USA prints money into the sinking market and everyone is getting screwed over by them. Hello 1500 USD phone. Say goodbye to your saving in 20 years cuz it will worth nothing.

  • Indian

Huawei 7 percent now i know why Huwei phones have premium feel with long stability

I've always maintained that we don't need foldable displays unless they're beneficial.

Give me a phone that bends at 6 places, and can be used as a wristwatch, and doesn't need to be put in pocket, then ask for the same money, and you'll find mine on the table!

And why not? Life will be super convenient after it. Think about it, your phone is your wristwatch. No more smartwatches, no more phone in pockets, no more fear of phone being close to your heart or private organs, an all new level of freedom.
I'd get such a device even with Snapdragon 625, you know.

..Doesn't the same apply for all the other phone manufacturers, though?

TheLastOracle, 15 Jun 2020It's good that Samsung is generating Premium Smartphone num... moreSamsung actually don't really need to do much.
On the Android high end, Samsung is pretty much it. No competition. Huawei was the competition, but they got kicked out of GMS. If you want a flagship premium Android, there's only Samsung. OnePlus is not convincing enough for people to justify their prices, and Google Pixel is not sold in many countries like Samsung.

On the lower end, the competition is surely fierce, but Samsung has its brand power. Many people are willing to buy crappy Galaxy J phones just to get that Samsung brand. All Samsung need is to make their phones looking cool similar to the Chinese (like the current Galaxy M and A phones), and people will go with Samsung. Look at the phone sales. Mid to lower Galaxy A series are selling like hotcakes. Xiaomi and the BKK groups, although popular amongst netizens, are not selling that much in reality. Lay consumers don't care about spec, they care about brand.

So Samsung is actually doing well. The only thing is they also spend a lot of money on marketing, offline and online. That's a huge cost, which is why they make even more expensive Galaxy S/Fold phones. Somebody gotta pay for those marketing.

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So a decade later we are ending up to pay a lot of money to get our personal data collected.

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Anonymous, 15 Jun 2020Another important factor could be that they have absolute g... moreSamsung still number one in the mid-range market xiaomi is second place

Note7 owner, 15 Jun 2020Samsung is smart to leave the lower end to the Chinese vend... moreI put this to you..

If the Note 20-series looked like this?

Samsung Galaxy Note 205G
6.7”, 1180x2625, 430ppi, 90Hz Adaptive
Samsung Exynos? 7nm?
50MP Main Camera
23MP UltraWide Camera
13MP xZoom Telephoto(3x Optical)
(8K Video Recording)
Battery - 4500mah
Storage "128GB/RAM 8GB" - £599(Aluminium/Glastic)
Storage "256GB/RAM 12GB" - £699(Aluminium/G-Glass 6)

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Pro5G
6.58”, 1270x2822, 470ppi, 120Hz Adaptive
Samsung Exynos? 5nm?
108MP Main Camera
(8K Video Recording)
12MP UltraWide Camera
13MP SuperZoom Periscope(4x Optical)
Battery - 4300mah
Storage "256GB/RAM 8GB" - £999(Stainless Steel/G-Glass 6)
Storage "256GB/RAM 12GB" - £1199(Stainless Steel/G-Glass 6)
Storage "512GB/RAM 16GB" - £1399(Stainless Steel/Ceramic Glass)

Spanky, 15 Jun 2020Whoa! Qualcomm has nothing to do with this. The Galaxy S20 ... moreReasonable points really appreciate that you gave solid points for your argument

And not attack me despite my LCD love

Spanky, 15 Jun 2020Whoa! Qualcomm has nothing to do with this. The Galaxy S20 ... moreI simply believe samsung have been playing a game of seduction to there supposedly valued customers! Turn all the numbers upto MAX and people will buy into it, sorry sammy its failing!

I strongly believe Apple is on it's way to be the number one phone manufacturer given samsungs own fairly recent bad press, high prices and huawei's Google-less dilemma...

However, like the rumoured 4-tier iPhone 12-range due for release will be a considerable win for apple & consumer, Notch or not!!

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2020Crapwei is costing more than crApple, look at their ridiclo... moreIt sounds like u never had try a Huawei Mate mobile.
I'm sure if u tried, u would admit they make a hell of a phone.
I still have my Mate 20 X i bought in December 2018 and compared to the different S and Note series from Crapsung/lagsung i got in the past, last one the Note 9, it's still alive and kicking.
No bad battery and no lag at all. Totally quality and not overpriced at all oohhh i forgot the best camera in 2019 to.

But again, we're all have different taste and needs, some like the mother, others the daughter (Y)

IpsDisplay, 15 Jun 2020Blame qualcomm they are sell the Snapdragon 865 for 100 plu... moreWhoa! Qualcomm has nothing to do with this. The Galaxy S20 is a prime example of this: Samsung sells the Exynos version for the same price. While you might argue that it's a marketing decision, pretty much all companies have increased prices, even on phones with MTK chips. And this trend is happening in the mid-range and low-end too. Besides, you can find Snapdragon 865 phones at much lower prices than Samsung's flagships.

The AMOLED argument doesn't seem valid, either. I understand that you are a big fan of LCDs, but AMOLED screens on phones have been around for over a decade, while prices were not this high. Besides, even some of the most recent iPhones still use LCDs and that doesn't make them the slightest bit cheaper.

I think it's a combination of factors, with the ever increasing R&D costs, while bigger phones (bigger cases, screens and batteries) means more materials are being used (which cost money). The higher than usual price of RAM, the increased number of camera sensors (whether some of them are useless or not) and the increased attention oriented towards implementing efficient cooling solutions, also play a part in this.

Note7 owner, 15 Jun 2020Samsung is smart to leave the lower end to the Chinese vend... moreThe guy who's never buying Samsung products ever again is back! After buying another Samsung product he pledged to never buy....

Samsung is smart to leave the lower end to the Chinese vendors, they are happy to battle with each other to the bottom. After my recent purchase Note 10+ I wouldn't buy anything Samsung for a long long time and definitely not at full price.

[deleted post]To ABBLAZE:

2020 speaks for itself. Do you realise that nothing is normal for 2020? As I a Twitter user said earlier, "anybody who survives 2020 will be considered a legend".

IpsDisplay, 15 Jun 2020Blame qualcomm they are sell the Snapdragon 865 for 100 plu... moreTrue. Snapdragon has started grossly overpricing its SoCs. Maybe it knows that it's going down? Or something else.