Doogee S88 Pro has a 10,000mAh battery, Iron Man design cues and a rugged chassis

16 June 2020
The "Iron Man eyes" on the back are a pair of RGB LEDs that serve as a notification light. The phone underwent extensive MIL-STD tests.

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Mt, 24 Aug 2021Is this good for under water? I've read uyour feed bac... moreMan unless you sue waterproof case no phone is good for underwater because some accidents can always happen.
Even a low end non rugged phone can whitstand some rain but taking any phone underwater is always risky no matter the IPXX rating.
No company you shop in and no phone brand will give you water damage waranty so any IPXX rating is just an pointless and expensive gimmick no worth the money,

Phones can withstand some normal i mean plain water but for sea swimming and photo capturing a real waterproof case is needed.

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    • 24 Aug 2021

    CptPower, 19 Jun 2020Definitely no. My company here in Slovakia selling many p... moreIs this good for under water? I've read uyour feed back.. and oo kingmaker also for the feesback about this phone for under eater before buying it..
    thank you :)

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      • 18 Aug 2021

      .. is little big , but is for man ... is the best , is all i want , baterry 7 day ...

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        • 27 Feb 2021

        i currently own this phone. A few days ago my cat got at it and flung it out the window. it smashed through my neighbors window but the phone was complelty fine, not a single scratch! said sorry to the neighbor but i couldnt care less about his window, all i care about is the phone

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          • 03 Dec 2020

          Bigfan8611, 17 Jun 2020Man, I f***ing hate this phone already. How the hell am I s... moreIs everything okay at home?

            Here's what I want I want a rugged military grade phone that comes in a color not just black I want it also to have accessories I wanted to have a 10K mah battery life or more. I need my microSD xh card to expand up to two TB. I do not want eemc memory. I don't need a fancier camera I just care about the battery life and the storage I would like the latest Android. For the life of me I have not be able to find a phone yet that comes close to what all the things I want. I bought a black few but it doesn't have the storage so now I have to use that as my backup phone. When I look at the s88 it doesn't expand. It has the battery I like though. I would also be interested in a night vision camera and a thermal camera. This will be the phone that I buy to last me the next five years so I want oxygen if I can get it. I know I'm asking for a lot but I don't want to pay too much more than five or six hundred at the tops.
            I'm desperate for someone to help me and I don't see where I can find it online because everybody doesn't realize how much battery you need in a crisis. we have hurricanes here and there's always something coming down the pike. Please somebody help us. I am very tired of the s***** phones we got in the USA that don't have more than three or four thousand mAh.

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              • 03 Nov 2020

              I'm confused... can or can't the Doogee S88 pro record 4K video, please? You say it can, but TechRadar in their review say it can't. There are plenty of conflicting review opinions about this currently on the 'net at the moment. I've run out of my own hair to pull out and the cat is looking worried...

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                • 27 Oct 2020

                Woaw amazing stuffs for 2021, indeed I can’t wait to get hold of this myself.

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                  • 19 Oct 2020

                  Bad wolf, 17 Jun 2020Own the s60 and can tell that it is a real tank!!!! bought ... moreThe Doogee S88 Pro became a rugged phone.

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                    • 03 Oct 2020

                    Noir, 16 Jun 2020Lol... everything...This phone is made for outdoor enthusiasts, not sitting/lying and playing your ass out day and night

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                      • 19 Jul 2020

                      Gxor , 17 Jun 2020Yep I wanted it until I saw the notch/ hole punch What do you mean by hole punch/notch?

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                        • 24 Jun 2020

                        Arsov 36, 18 Jun 2020That didn't came from Serbia. Worst Phone ever made!I Don't even know.

                          This can be a budget gaming phone I like it and 8MP depth sensor? I know it won't happen but hopefully Gsmarena will review it

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                            • 20 Jun 2020

                            Vegetaholic, 20 Jun 2020Are you serious? Can you see its price? What 865? It will b... moreI get it.. okay

                              Noir, 16 Jun 2020Why an Helio p70 chipset....why not sd865 or dimensity 820.... moreAre you serious? Can you see its price? What 865? It will be costing 500 euros and when you be crying that it is too expensive, rugged phones are meant for in extrme conditions, they no need top specs.

                                apprise, 16 Jun 2020Better phone without updates ? Okay buddy, would u buy a bu... moreYes.

                                  LilPhone, 16 Jun 2020Comes with preinstalled malware.Definitely no.
                                  My company here in Slovakia selling many phones from many brands and doogee are excellent and exceptional devices at their price and average quality.

                                    180 or 225 for phone like this its like for free.

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                                      • 18 Jun 2020

                                      That didn't came from Serbia.
                                      Worst Phone ever made!

                                        Man, I f***ing hate this phone already. How the hell am I supposed to put with Android 10?! That will be COMPLETELY and UTTERLY OBSOLETE when Android 11 Beta is released. What if I drop it on a rock and the rock tries to access my AES256 password hashes or something? Didn't he hack a computer in F&F 6?
                                        And why are they using such a garbage chipset? I'm a Gamer, what's 0.01 kiloamps worth if it doesn't run the Witcher III (underrated)?
                                        And not only does it have a notch more hideous than the iPhone 11's (overrated), it wouldn't fit in the pocket of my women's jeans!
                                        Honestly, it's basically Chinese spyware. Just buy a Mi Note 10.