Sony Xperia miro gets officially unveiled on Facebook

13 June, 2012
The Android ICS smartphone appears related to the Sony Xperia Sola, info on specs is still scarce.

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  • christo

xperia miro spec 800mhz, resolution 320x480

  • ali

sony what are you diong,so many midrange phones/i do,nt understand ur straitgy.please bring one hi_end phone,i admits these midrange are best phones among all componies that offering but you hardly need a flagship then this phone makes thes markit value of these midrange.i also shocked on sony that why are you not liesten the suggestion of so many loyal fans which are crying for a high species mobile since are crying only for to see sony on top.

  • AnonD-56684

It appears nice.though full specs aren't available if it can deliver decent specs at affordable price it can be a very gud seller in midrange segment,a segment where sony has struggled more compared to high end segment.

  • bjork

this is a 3.5 incher hvga phone with 800mhz cpu s1 snapdragon. .for more info visit the sony global site . .

  • 10ATP

I was making comments about the Neo L a couple weeks ago in regards to its mid range spec and was told I was trolling ...Now looky here, more people not happy with Sony's mid range phone campaign. On a positive, at least the phone has a new look outer casing, lol! Seem like Sony. Is continuing down the same wrong path that Sony Ericsson was that led to poor sales. Oh well, all is not lost, the Miro looks like an interesting phone being dual sim, as for this one,meh ... heh heh heh!

  • Fachry

AnonD-53686, 13 Jun 2012Whats wrong with sony's design team?? Look at the 2011 line ups ... moreWhile design is a subjective matter, except for Moto RAZR, I think Sony smartphones are among the best looking ones out of the android phones out there..

  • boosook

Divy, 13 Jun 2012Did you Fail in your English exam? Your spellings are wrong!!Not everyone here is English or American... and one of the first rules of the (now forgotten) netiquette is that you should never correct spelling or grammar mistakes.

  • gilb

I hate the new Xperia NXT designs. Instead of maximizing the front area for the screen you end up carrying useless space - result is unnecessarily longish phone. Like having some sort of dock permanently attached to it. Not worthy successors to the beautiful SE 2011 series and the older X10.

  • AnonD-5061

Sony is not only officially published the Xperia miro, but also the Xperia tipo dual­eature=g-u-u

  • AnonD-10547

Xperia Miro is the AFFM model according to their leaked roadmap..priced at 12500 INR/ 247 USD/ 192.. And sony also announce Xperia Tipo. Budget android Dual Sim phone.

  • AnonD-53686

Whats wrong with sony's design team?? Look at the 2011 line ups n now here is 2012 line ups... 2012 line up sucks...same old brick design nothing new or unique about any of these ericsson had the best designed phones regardless of the specs...but makes the worst designed phones.... :-|

  • lolfan

awesome phone,by looking at the specs its the next generation of xperia mini and mini pro.......

  • AnonD-22332

uber cool!!!!

  • AnonD-39302

Raiden, 13 Jun 2012Another GREAT phone from Sony PS: Whats the problem if they r... moreyaa.. you are rite !!

  • fun9

Hehehehehe, another Xperia family, they all looks like the same cause they are all family. I like them all. Good enough n affordable, but there is 2 thing still missing, Xperia Walkman n Xperia Cybershot series! I hope that the 2 of them exist, LWW doesn't covered up the walkman brand, n Cybershot is like chuck norris movie ' MISSING IN ACTION'. Waiting 4 a high end or mid end Xperia Walkman( Xperia pop maybe) n Xperia Cybershot( Xperia CR perhaps)
really miss them! Anyway well done Sony, a succes 4 u all

  • andi

Magic, 13 Jun 2012i really don't understand, Sony is releasing lot of phones looks... moreLook at Samsung, almost all their phones was named Galaxy (Galaxy S, Galalxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy R, Galaxy W, Galaxy Y,etc, etc. and even all their tablets was named Galaxy. So, what's wrong with so many Xperia as long as with a different specs, prices, sizes, at least people can choose what these models fit to their needs.

  • Bart Broeckx

I realy like the design of all the Sony Xperia models.
My favorites? The Xperia Miro, Go and Sola !! They look awessome :-)

  • Divy

Magic, 13 Jun 2012Sony i think you should recruit new designers and new marketing ... moreDid you Fail in your English exam? Your spellings are wrong!!

  • r600

Its nice middle class phone, great design

  • Wimpiedb

Sony mobile is going to inviel the 20 june New xperias in Singapore