Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra to have Snapdragon 865+, slimmer bezels than Note10+

19 June 2020
Korean sources claim the phone will arrive on August 28, Galaxy Fold2 to appear in September.

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  • LilPhone

Black Mamba , 19 Jun 2020Global market will receive Exynos 992 with new architecture... moreWe don't even have any benchmarks or know the real performance of this new chip. Preach Samsung you fanboi haha

  • Anonymous

Yee, 19 Jun 2020Another curved screen device... bleh!Don't worry. Ugly cases will cover err protect them anyways.

  • Yee

Another curved screen device... bleh!

  • Black Mamba

Adinatsu, 19 Jun 2020Yeah i saw that news that they were working with amd on gpu... moreNot amd gpu.
Exynos 992 coming with mali g78 over the g77 in Exynos 990.
And its based on cortex A78 architecture instead of the A76 /Mongoose cores.

  • LoveSunsets

Samsung NEEDS TO fix the TRASHY Android 10 operating system before putting out new phones, pics come out Fuzzy at 10x Zoom. Does it on my S9+ did it on the S20+ and the Note 10+ I'm sending back. Phones these days are TOO BIG, and when they have a smaller version of a phone key things are removed. Like the iPhone 12 series coming, the ProMax is rumored to be the 1 that will have a LIDAR sensor. My 6.4" S9+ has been a perfect size for me, companies need to stop making GIANT Phones. There are tablets out there, and stop removing great features on smaller devices


What's the point when only USA, Canada, and Korea are the only ones who's getting this phone

  • Nostromo

I have come to appreciate the hype which surrounds the release of the next Note device. I will miss DJ Koh's keynote remarks very much their being an integral part of the mystique.

I'd hazard a guess that the preferred configurations of the Note20 Plus/Ultra/Xtreme to be either nonexistent or in extremely short supply since this has also been a characteristic of a Note device launch since the Note9. It's as though Samsung doesn't wish to budget for the purchase of a single chip or screen or the facility to provide enough interesting colors it feels it couldn't sell.

Black Mamba , 19 Jun 2020Global market will receive Exynos 992 with new architecture... moreYeah i saw that news that they were working with amd on gpu for smartphones ...
After seeing recent success of amd with ryzen series if they can pull that off on note 20 and give stable fps in heavy android games then it would be great

  • Black Mamba

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2020iphone 12 Pro Max will be better than this in Camera, Video... moreWouldn't touch that handicapped operating system of iOS with a 10 foot pole.

  • Black Mamba

This is why everybody loves Samsung.
They are quick to fix issues on existing phones or launch newer phones minus those issues.

  • Black Mamba

LilPhone, 19 Jun 2020Global market will receive Exynos version anyway. This chea... moreGlobal market will receive Exynos 992 with new architecture for cpu/gpu.
Take that hater!

  • Dometalican

To the comments that say: "how beautiful this is", wait until you freakin' drop it.

I'm sick of this bezel-less trend. It's pathetic that I have to look towards a gaming phone to have adequate bezels for solid facial recognition hardware and a solid thumb rest on the phone...

I bet that Samsung will release a firmware update to enable 120hz in the Galaxy S20's native resolution, also. It's their „thing“ to release new flagship features for older flagships, after a while.

It's beautiful it's so gorgeous wow :o, no wonder why you are number 1 and thanks for the curve edges on the plus model..

Phone screens are getting larger each year, so higher resolution makes more sense than it did a few years ago.
Still waiting for somebody to finally compete with Sony with a 4K display, especially for $1000 2020 phones.

I also wish everyone would follow Sony's journey into bringing back the headphone jack on flagships.
People say it's useless and wireless is the future, but in reality, we still rely on wired headsets that offer superior sound quality and no-latency audio that wireless headsets simply cannot achieve as of this day and age.

More options is always better. Let's go back to the days when flagships mean absolutely no compromise in every aspect of a phone.

  • Peddy

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2020It's like s20 plus with spen and more curved screen Its... moreiPhone is lacking in their software. I'd definitely never go for iOS products. Android is far better than iOS

  • Jacktackle

Looks like Samsung heard us.
We are heading for a waterfall display gorgeous screen and a 100x zoom with 12x optical.
Finally jumping from flagship to flagship can put to rest. One year one flagship days are coming back.

Increase the refresh rate by 60Hz, increase the price by 120%. The Samsung way.

Crackling Doom, 19 Jun 2020Only €2,000? What a steal! IPhone 12 Pro Max will cost 1700 Euro
So why not x)