Realme announces new product strategy as it aims to bring more AIoT and lifestyle products

23 June 2020
Realme has launched dozens of smartphones but is slowly expanding its portfolio with new product categories.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2020A suggestion for realme (headquarter) high management: 1... moreI Can't Understand The 1st Point.May Anyone Explain More.

  • Anonymous

A suggestion for realme (headquarter) high management:

1) Shut down the Indian operation; Treat India as a peer market to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, south America, etc; (You only pay 6% additional import tax, since you pay 12% import tax for imported components, or 18% import tax for imported finished products.)

2) Re-orient the operation towards 5AIoT (5-enabled, AI enhanced, Internet of Things), and re-image smartphones as an extension to 5AIoT. (Just like many of realme's peers are currently doing.)

3) Prepare for the prolonged fight in that emerging 5G ecosystem. (The fight will be grueling and entrenched, but the reward will definitely be more worthy.)

  • Love the Community

Xiaomi did that long before anyone. Realme is relatively new but they shouldn't be a jack of all trades just yet. They may either succeed like Xiaomi or fall down like HTC because they did the same thing by using profits to invest on anything that leads to unneeded failures (with exception to Vive).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2020First ask them to keep stock of existing products and make ... morethey intended to do so, because that's exactly their strategy, flash sale, which was used by Xiaomi too, the time limit and limited availability is to entice consumers to buy it immediately or impulse buying.

Open Huawei 1+8+N srategy
Do some little change

Voila, Realme announces 1+4+N srategy

  • Anonymous

First ask them to keep stock of existing products and make them available for purchase..doing this is enough for the company to grow and create trust among consumers

  • ron2000xm

Xiaomi is years ahead.
It takes some catching up.