TCL 10 Pro and 10L get their first discounts and software updates

23 June 2020
The phones are now even more affordable than before.

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  • Anonymous

When Alcatel is more overpriced than IPhone

  • Anonymous

the pro version is totally overprice, it come only Snapdragon 6xx cpu, what makes it ask for over $400.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2020But MI 9T...6/64...Global still Rock for 270$ sd730/Amo... morewhy not Redmi k30 5G

227$ chinese Rom
245$ global rom
get great discount in online stores

of course if you prefer 166mm to 156mm of Mi 9t
sd765G...64Mp....Dual 20+2 selfie...Ips...120hz...Notch...side finger

  • Anonymous

MI 9T...6/64...Global
still Rock for 270$
sd730/Amoled/UD finger/Notchless/Motorized cam/156mm/Telephoto cam

  • Anonymous

Can you watch tv on these phones?

  • Gobi

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2020oh here we have overpriced phones just like samsung Tcl 10... moreThat's because higher tax and everything is expensive in developed countries. Companies spends more. For example a office receptionist gets 8 r 9 dollars per day. I think this is one hour salary in developed countries.

  • Anonymous

oh here we have overpriced phones just like samsung
Tcl 10 pro its something like
A70....A70s...both (sd675)
price start from 340...380...tooo...500

one have 32Mp another 64Mp
but when we talk about midranges or low-midranges
no specific things will seen in camera
32Mp...48Mp...64Mp they are all same

but in top midranges everything will change in camera

but for indians there is phone with sd730G...5000mah & 224$...6/128
Notchless...motorized cam

  • Anonymous

There is nothing Pro about a SD 675...

  • Anonymous

Are They now Great?

These aren't solid mid rangers, they're slightly above average low end phones.