Redmi 9 arrives in China, starts at $115

24 June 2020
It's powered by the Helio G80 SoC, packs a 5,020 mAh battery, and features a total of five cameras.

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115 for hone like this???
Apple Samsung Sony LG and GTC can go nuts.

  • Arnav

Redmi 9 seems to have all the capabilities to be a solid and strong inclusion in the gaming smartphones aspect.

This will surely be one of the best gaming smartphones to be launched in the recent times. Mediatek has been doing a good job with its G series chipsets.

  • Anonymous

Please, more Dimensity SoCs based 5G phones, no more pure 4G phones based on MediaTek Helio G and F series.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2020Bt Qualcomm charge unnecessarily high price. They take adva... moreThats true, if you look that way, more xompetition is always welcome, for us, users, customers..
Thats why i said, Note 9s (on aliexpress), in basic (still), 4/64GB config, global version, is.. About 165$, or 155€ or so, and that phone, if you compare with Redmi 9 (with same 4/64gb), or with same configuration, is way better, even here, on GSMArena reviews, they say Note 9s vs Note 9, Note 9s have brighter screen, also better battery life, faster charging (with identical charger, 22.5w, and same battery 5020mAh), also, graphics in 720g is betr, than in G80/5, and for me, thats a good reason to add those 20 euros or so.. Also, someone can say, Note 9s have Corning GG5 on the back (those two - plastic), also position of selfie camera is simetric (like in Galaxy S series), back camera, video is better, so if you look in that way, Qualcomm 720G for 20 eur more is a good choice.. Also, notch in Redmi 9 (or any phone from 2020) is a little bit outdated.

  • Anonymous

This is among the last effort before total irrelevance. China is fast moving towards a post-4G world. The only Mediatek SoCs of real relevance are Dimensity chips..

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2020Lcd in 2020 is beyond downsideI wouldn't expect an AMOLED display from a $115 phone

  • Vijay

People are bored with LCD and 6.5-inch phones. Try new phones under 6 inch with super AMOLED screens.

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2020In Europe and in China it have S..y MtK SoC, son't get me w... moreMy comment is about price in Europe and China, not about sd and mtk.

  • Anonymous

Lcd in 2020 is beyond downside

  • bjamani

apprise, 24 Jun 2020Dude 6.5 inches is more or less the norm for 2020. Anywhere... morewhy running after the chinese again - please please stop

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2020In Europe and in China it have S..y MtK SoC, son't get me w... moreBt Qualcomm charge unnecessarily high price. They take advantage of less competition in market and charge very high price for their chips. So going for MediaTek s better option. At least it will create competition in market and Qualcomm stop charging the price they want

  • Anonymous

Alex 94, 24 Jun 2020In Europe 3/32 is 150, and in China 6/128 is 150. Yes, ther... moreIn Europe and in China it have S..y MtK SoC, son't get me wrong, 100 euros is cheap for this phone, only MediaTek G80 is not good, and reason for that is, Qualcomm, let say even old 632 (from Redmi 7), will be better choice for battery, for G cam, for faster charging, and last, for custom ROMs... They returning slowly to their roots, and that will be B class SoC OEM (MediaTek)..
Not only Xiaomi, same goes to Huawei and, sadly, Samsung more and more use MediaTek (because Exynos is not good anyway), and Qualcomm? There is in A01 (under 100$ phone), and next phone is A71 (about 400-450$), those between are MtK or Exynos ones.

It a sad, really, it seems like good loking phone for the cheap price, and same goes for Note 9, alao cheap but also similar, G85.. Note 9s , and Note 9 Pro are way better phones for little more.

  • Indian

This will launch in India with high price because of high tax increased

Europe, 24 Jun 2020Huge and heavy :(Dude 6.5 inches is more or less the norm for 2020. Anywhere between 6.1-6.6 has been normal for the past 3 years tbh . And it's a 198gram phone with a 5000mah battery, what was you expecting ? A phone with a 5000mah battery but weighs the same as p30 lite

Europe, 24 Jun 2020Huge and heavy :(Have you ever considered joining the gym to build upper arms strength?

  • Ritesh

I am waiting for this phone when launch in india

In Europe 3/32 is 150, and in China 6/128 is 150. Yes, there are taxes, but not that high. It's expensive.

EMMC storage in 2020? 😂😂😂

Xiaomi being Xiaomi they'll probably launch this for £180 in UK