New report suggests LTE iPhone 12 will cost 549

26 June 2020
Apple may be reaching into the midrange price bracket with a non-5G version of the next-gen iPhone.

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they just stuff components in their phones
iphone 11 pro max is like 230 grams and has 6.5 inch display
other companies can make it a lot lighter
I hope new iphones will be lighter cuz I want to switch to ios

    sa11oum, 28 Jun 2020Apple are going to dismantle all premium Android manufactur... moreKeep dreaming pal.
    Apple have piss poor marketshare.
    It has shown no signs of improving.

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      • 30 Jun 2020

      sa11oum, 28 Jun 2020People complaining that the prices in their countries are m... moreNot quite, base SE 2020 costs 399$ in US while 499€ in some EU markets, which, according to current XE rate is about 560$.
      Sure, if you add mandatory 2y warranty in EU vs 1y in USA, the difference isnt that big anymore, but its not just taxes.

        People complaining that the prices in their countries are more than the US understand how taxes work, right? Go complain to your government. Apple has nothing to do with it.

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          • 28 Jun 2020

          Yeah and make it $500 AUD not 800

            Apple are going to dismantle all premium Android manufacturers. Qualcomm's decision to do 5G-only was fatal.

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              • 28 Jun 2020

              Android-Master, 28 Jun 2020Looks like Exynos Hater doesn't have any new material to wo... moreinsert vomit emoji.

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                • 28 Jun 2020

                AhmedSLL, 28 Jun 2020If it was up to me, I'm fine with small bezels (absolutely ... moreErrr, here we go again with debunked pop up myths...

                First, I was talking about the Pixel 4 as an exemple of a phone with a bezel and 3D facial recognition, as it is the only one to have this combinaison.
                The Nubia Play is the best exemple of thin top bezel while having an excellent border to border experience.

                Those myths about pop up are totally false, durability isn't a problem here, yes it will wear down, but the display, the electronic and the battery all will probably be long gone while the pop up will still work fine, there is almost no report of pop up failure to be found on internet, yes there are few, but like a dozen maybe after hours of search...
                For the same phone look at how much battery or display issue are reported (a ton), so, in theory yes the pop up have wear and have a limited durability, but even with a selfie addict, it will still last probably a decade, keep in mind that almost everyone change their phone in 3 years or less, the only issue reported so far is that dust buildup can get the pop up stuck, but with the recalibration function it is easily fixable without even opening the phone.

                IP rating is totally useless, not at all adapted to smartphones and have more cons than pros, it doesn't guarantee anything and no manufacturer cover water damage within their warranty, which tell you a lot about how much they trust IP rating, you can find lots of reports of phones with IP67 or IP68 ratting being dead after being dropped in water, hell those phones even have water damage indicators, what would be the point if the phone really was waterproof ?
                If anything, IP rating make many peoples believe that it is waterproof while it is limited water resistance and they use it as if it is a submarine...
                Same with dust, any computer guy know that, while dust CAN kill electronic, many home computer are filled with dust and most work fine for decades in such conditions.

                Now the pop up isn't an invitation to water and dust, the OnePlus 7(t) Pro proved that we can make a phone with a pop up being able to resist to water more than enough to survive accidental drop in water and rain.
                Well to crush once and for all those arguments, the Redmi K30 Pro DO have an IP rating, it is IP53, yes it isn't IP68 but it is still IP rating on a phone with a pop up, and its twin the Poco F2 Pro had a water resistance test video done :
                And while there is water infiltration, the irony is that around the pop up is where there is the least presence of water.

                Also I literally said and linked you a concept allowing for waterproof pop up, which by the way don't have any moving part other than the pop up itself and virtually no wear.

                Yes the pop up take space, but still a phone like the K30 Pro/Poco F2 Pro and the Honor X10 have most of the features a smartphone can have while having a good battery, proving that despite both having a pop up, the taken space isn't an issue, also if we stopped to make ridiculously thin phone it would help, a 15mm phone would be confortable, have lots of internal space, would allow better cooling AND larger batterie and finally it would make the phone tougher.
                Also my electromagnetic pop up concept doesn't take much space as there is no motor required.

                Underdisplay camera will always be expensive and will always have lesser RAW image quality, when a tech require millions and years of R&D and can't make a good result yet while it have only a simple purpose (hiding the camera), you gotta ask questions, it will continue the trend the small notch and holes started of having only a single camera, it is the enemy of 3D facial recognition, plus there is nothing more stupid to do with a camera than trying to make it look through an opaque surface, that's why I hope the next evolution in biometric will be to get rid of the optical underdisplay FPS and use ultrasonic ones like the Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max.

                Privacy is one of the biggest concern worldwide, smartphones are nothing compared to the threat that privacy intrusion can cause :
                A lot of peoples still care and many just aren't aware of the immense threat in the balance, otherwise they would quickly care again about it, you don't realize how many use against you a camera linked to internet can have, hiding the camera is a huge improvement in privacy, also there isn't "small" steps, any opportunity to fight for our privacy is a good one, regardless it is only a single line of code to change how the gyros data are sent to apps, to stop surveillance facial recognition.
                This is exactly because we accepted more and more tiny intrusions in our private life that privacy is in such a critical state nowadays.

                My pop up design is only a place holder, the current one look nicer, here is some progress I made to the camera setup for example :
                This phone, even though I originally started it to showcase the electromagnetic pop up concept, is a big proof of concept of many techs I imagined about smartphones, and it is also made to look nice.
                The main point is, the majority of people actually hate punch hole, and the only reason there isn't more peoples into pop up is because of the false and debunked myths that scared away so many peoples, a clean (uninterrupted) fulldisplay by itself is probably the most appealing thing someone can found to a phone, and the pop up is the best solution to get that, and it have the advantage of tactile display on the side without the issue of then being exposed (they are pushed inside the body) which also fix most accidental presses while allowing a portless and buttonless device that still give you connectors and backup buttons if needed.
                Though technically there is a microphones ON/Push to talk/OFF switch now, so it isn't totally buttonless but this is preferable for privacy.

                  AnonD-909757, 28 Jun 2020I want 3D facial recognition too, like it is one of my top ... moreIf it was up to me, I'm fine with small bezels (absolutely note the pixel 4 that's stupid, my personal opinion ofcourse), I love the xperia 1ii design, just perfect. But it is not up to me, and the trend is "best screen to body ratio". So, moving parts, Problem n1, durability. Problem n2, bye bye water and dust resistance. Problem n 3, space, this year even 5G modems caused space issues, believe it or not, the OnePlus 8 is the smallest and the thinnest phone that could feature a sd865 (with it's Not integrated 5G modem) without sacrificing battery life, so phones are already huge and thick and the last thing we need is other parts to make them bulkier. And underdisplay sensors are the future whether we like it or note, yes the technology isn't ready, it's still too expensive, but like every other piece of tech we're using know, it will get better, and it will get cheaper, it's just a matter of when. I agree with you on the privacy concerns, but most people have given it up a long time ago, hiding the camera might feel better, but it won't solve any real privacy issues. I really like your pop up design, it's more practical than the find x slider, but try to see this from the manufacturer prospective, who have to make a smartphone for a market where most people care of how sexy the phone looks (take the controversial curved displays for an example) and how good it feels holding it.

                    Android-Master, 28 Jun 2020Stop justifying ugly notch. A company can give IR facial r... moreOkay, show me who did it?

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                      • 28 Jun 2020

                      AhmedSLL, 27 Jun 2020iOs vs android, none is better than the other, it's a matte... moreI want 3D facial recognition too, like it is one of my top desired feature, but you don't need a notch to implement it, the Google Pixel 4 and 4XL proved it, a simple bezel is enough, and the notch is totally not adapted to the Android OS because of the notification and statut bar.

                      I showed how even the tiny teardrop notch (too small for facial recognition) already prevent so many icons from showing up :

                      And underdisplay camera is the worst gimmick ever imagined, it cost a lot, give poor quality pictures, create a spot with different characteristic than the rest of the display, hide the camera but doesn't even archive privacy, is extremely expensive, and while pictures with poor RAW quality can be improved through AI, for biometric like 3D facial recognition or Iris scanner the RAW quality is the most important part.

                      The pop up already do everything an underdisplay camera is supposed to do, and do it better and give you privacy which is way more important than any fulldisplay experience.
                      And while slider phones aren't pop up, same for the Oppo find X who is a slider/pop up hybrid, they proved that all the required sensors for 3D facial recognition can be implemented on a real pop up, it wouldn't be bigger than the one in the Vivo V17 Pro.

                      Here is an early version of a pop up phone I design in SketchUp who have 3D facial recognition :
                      Though the design have evolved and have not obtained a realistic positioning and I designed a new system better than the regular fixed dots projector.
                      THAT and thin bezel (Nubia Play) should be the futur, not punch hole, notches or underdisplay camera.
                      Once I will be done I'll make a video about it, but for the moment just note that this pop up isn't actuated by a motor but by electromagnets, and the way it is designed it is totally and undoubtedly waterproof (as it is a concern for many peoples apparently).

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                        • 28 Jun 2020

                        as much as I dislike apple for their software and restricted boring OS, if they can release an iphone 12 5.4" model at that price it will be a hard price to beat for Android, I am all for the premium androids every day, they are far superior to the latest iphones, BUT the mid range area is pretty poor,this will shake up the market a bit, i would swap my 4.7" SE2 for a 5.4" IP12, samsung or Huawei are my go to androids, the note 10+ and Huawei p40 pro + are the best phones out there, the p40 pro plus is leagues ahead of any other phone on the planet right now by at least a year, of course it is restricted so it makes it harder to use then the aveage android, but if you are willing to work for it, that phone is miles ahead right now

                          LilPhone, 27 Jun 2020Maybe he has a point sometimes but unfortunately most of th... moreLooks like Exynos Hater doesn't have any new material to work with.
                          I can buy 10 iPhones, money isn't the issue, it's just that I can't downgrade myself to be using subpar iOS. It's simply inferior compared to Android.
                          I want and use the best OS out there.

                          Indian subcontinent does have problem with overpriced products.
                          Atleast, there is choice of variety of smartphone manufacturers out there unlike North America. They prefer value for money products.
                          Nobody in their right minds wants to stick to a phone for 10 years. Technology these days advances quickly where 2 year upgrade period is considered reasonable.

                            AhmedSLL, 27 Jun 2020iOs vs android, none is better than the other, it's a matte... moreStop justifying ugly notch.
                            A company can give IR facial recognition without giving ugly notch cutout.

                            Truth is that Apple doesn't allow any options, so you are stuck with what Apple offers with no room for freedom and choice.

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                              which will work out to be probably 800+ euros unsurprisingly.

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                                • 27 Jun 2020

                                Wily2020, 27 Jun 2020Yes we all noticed that, so pathetic :DMaybe he has a point sometimes but unfortunately most of them are a troll. I believe he is only using a plastic phone but uses a powerful chipset (values performance), think of the Poco F1. Has screen ghosting, though. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have a problem with Apple device pricing.

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                                  • 27 Jun 2020

                                  Anonymous, 27 Jun 2020Korea with 2x US prices: existsTbh, Korea feels cheap after i moved to Canada from South Korea. Korea's prices for plans are super cheap, which cancels out the slightly expensive price of devices. and Samsung's cheap there as well. Sometimes Apple too. (All compared to that high tax rate of Canada)

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                                    • 27 Jun 2020

                                    This is very unlikely , this news is too good to be true . How ever if they couldn’t make the 5. 4 cheaper due BOE messing up and remove 5G . This could work plus 5g is still far away to be useful around the world.

                                    Plus 549 would mean no need to an SE plus .

                                    Please make it so

                                      LilPhone, 27 Jun 2020No wonder you've created a new account just to troll Apple ... moreYes we all noticed that, so pathetic :D

                                        nigerianprince, 27 Jun 2020I don't think that the 855/+ is cheaper than the 765G, as i... moreProbably, but the difference isn't that big, the Realme x2 pro/x3 is at sub 400€ price, the Samsung S10 Lite is much cheaper than the expected Nokia 8.3 or the LG velevet.