Here's the 41mm Samsung Galaxy Watch3 in Bronze

29 June 2020
Samsung will aim this version of the upcoming smartwatch at the feminine market.

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  • Kmax
  • sUv
  • 06 Jul 2020

Is it a Sim supported ?

    I like how they hid the black screen borders compared to the huge one on the Active 2.
    The color is more rose gold. Nothing bronze

      • H
      • Harry V
      • nG3
      • 30 Jun 2020

      I hope their price is competitively and make sure it allots more functional as well as lasts a heck of a lot longer than the Active 2. Otherwise, there's no point in buying it.

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        • AnonD-762416
        • JGv
        • 29 Jun 2020

        sanshiro, 29 Jun 2020It looks dated. The new fashion demands all glass. This i... moreThat is a whole bunch of lies, with the worst one claiming Samsung doesn't make a good smartwatch OS. Samsung's smartwatches has software years ahead of the competition, be it in features, efficiency or abilities. That is a fact. Samsung were making smartwatches long before either Google or Apple even contemplated it. Samsung did try to sell watches with Google's software, but they quickly scrapped the idea as Google doesn't show any interest in refining or evolving their software.

        The design is also what makes me want it. The brilliance of using a physically rotating bezel to handle your watch is unmatched by any other brand. The idea is clever as it lets you see and physically interact with your watch without blocking the tiny screen real estate you get.

          should i buy samsung galaxy watch or wait for galaxy watch 3 ?

            • J
            • Jeremy
            • g$4
            • 29 Jun 2020

            I wish they got rid of the inner bezel with the second markings on them, make the rotating bezel thinner and all metal to give the watch a cleaner look. They also need to increase the pixel density on these watches. It doesn't make sense that Samsung makes some of the best phones on the planet, but their watches are lagging behind in design, technology and style.

              would look better with a decent watch strap, most smart watches come with a rubber or leather like strap, i would prefer with a metal strap to match the color of the watch that would last longer than a strap that eventually creases and breaks.

                • d
                • dinesh
                • DkN
                • 29 Jun 2020

                should i buy galaxy watch? or wait for galaxy watch 3?
                any suggestions

                  It looks dated.
                  The new fashion demands all glass. This is where all devices head at.
                  I guess that sensors, operating system, EKG which is still not available will remain the same.
                  They don't seem to care so much, they don't seem to invest on it. They don't seem to bring this a bit further and develop it. It doesn't grow. You can tell.
                  Tizen is not a good operating system and seems slow. I have the Active 2 and it crashes/restarts sometimes. .
                  Sensors are a bit of a joke too. I never was satisfied with it giving me different values every time. I could not tell what is right.
                  Endless updates and fixes since I purchased it but I didn't notice anything to be honest. What exactly they fix I cannot tell.

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                    • AnonD-762416
                    • JGv
                    • 29 Jun 2020

                    I'll probably be getting a natural coloured Watch 3. Not a fan of faux colours on watches. If they want to sell us a bronze watch, sell us a bronze watch, not a bronze coloured watch.

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                      • SJ
                      • n5R
                      • 29 Jun 2020

                      Hope that's not the final design,it just looks so boring with little to no effort put into the case design.

                        • k
                        • kammem2
                        • arS
                        • 29 Jun 2020

                        battery life is still a joke..tizenOS is dead, why Samsung forces to keep it against Android

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                          • GW20
                          • pk7
                          • 29 Jun 2020

                          Bronze? It looks closer to rose gold...