The vivo X50 trio is coming to India soon

30 June 2020
Local retailers published a short teaser video for vivo's camera-centric trio: the vivo X50, X50 Pro and X50 Pro+.

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  • 01 Jul 2020

awfull price , 4-5 people will buy dont worry

    Anonymous, 30 Jun 2020This series will not sell in India, because they are priced... more If they are going to sell it, like you do not check social networks.

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      • 7xY
      • 30 Jun 2020

      This series will not sell in India, because they are priced beyond the reach of the majority of the Indian smartphone buyers.

      Let's take a look at the sale volume of other notable phones or phone series in India:
      1) 2017, the total iphone sale volume is below 100000 units, as reported.

      2) Haven't seen any reports regarding the sale volumes of Samsung S and Note series. But according to a news report from SAMMobile in late 2018, the sale volume of S and Note series in India is way below that in China. (The sale volume of S and Note series in China was around 2 millions.)

      3) OnePlus is the best selling premium phone in India since 2017. Haven't seen a report regarding the exact annual sale volume. According to a report in early 2019, the sale of Xiaomi Pocophone F1 in India in the last quarter of 2018 was ~400000 units, surpassing the sale of OnePlus 6 series. From this report, you can estimate that the annual sale volume of OnePlus 6 Series in India was less than 2 millions.

      4) Redmi K20 series (2019, $300-$400): sold less than ~200000 units by March, 2020.

      5) Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (2018, $300): sold ~600000 units by July 2019. (Pocophone F1 was considered a major success in Indian smartphone market by India Tech Media.)

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        • D0f
        • 30 Jun 2020

        Anonymous, 30 Jun 2020No takers Me :D

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          • KS2
          • 30 Jun 2020

          No takers