Nokia 8.3 5G sales in Switzerland scheduled to start in September

01 July 2020
It's been a long time coming for HMD's first 5G Nokia phone.

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  • Infin

Booby Pongo, 02 Jul 2020Nokia fan here, had over 10 Nokias in my life so far, now I... moreI have owned multiple 7plus, taken them all over the world. Cheap, reliable, great camera. Once it breaks down I throw it away and fire up the next one!

7plus is best phone on the market dollar for dollar.

Booby Pongo, 02 Jul 2020Nokia fan here, had over 10 Nokias in my life so far, now I... moreI got July update on my 7 plus, fingerprint sucks only when the sensor or your hands is greasy, port charger with problems tho i must tuck the cable bellow phone quite mad about this issue, 3.5mm again with some issues. Battery last amazingly good l, love the natural display colors, how does it feel in the hand the frame.. i will miss it.. a lot if they don't bring back the frame on future models.. i had Nokia 930, again with frame. Should be like a trademark and mandatory on 7 8 and 9 models..
I paid about 150 Eur SH market in early 2018. I would like to pay full price at release date only if they gimme the damn metallic frame with ceramic back on a future model

  • Padmakar Lal Yadav

This phone is very bad for me

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2020i read somewhere it was the first world wide (all bands) ph... moreI finally found the bands in Nokia's support forum. If it comes out in a reasonable amount of time, the Nokia 8.3 5G and the Moto Edge will be the only phones with global LTE and 5G radios. FHD+ resolution seems weak on a big phone but I could live with it in exchange for solid global operation, expandable memory, a headphone jack, and decent quality software updates.

The one thing against the 8.3 5G is that nobody needs a global phone until there's a vaccine to enable traveling.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2020Look i get it. You feel china is evil. I may do so too. But... moreI haven't seen chinaware copy paste with the latest cpu (from the crappiest released batch) to cost 600€ a long time now, so stop the exagerating part giorgio, it ain't mirroring the facts. Even the Crappiest Honor with snapdragon 765 cost 500€ with no 5g antena or maybe one leftover. The facts are simple: you like crapp, i don't. And this "garbage" as you call it, sit's on top of them crapp of yours and uses humid toillet wipes while doing it. And that's just scratching the surface. Puting all together i really do not care what you buy, but you for sure try to make other buy what you want, so what's going on? No money out of chinaware? Try to promote them? Do it somewhere where somebody is actually dumb enough to care...i ain't.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2020As long as it benefits me, yep. Then i hope you have no expectations from others to repect you, your work, or well being, as long as that does not benefit them. If you expect that, guess what? karma! Oh the sad part, i don't get to be there and smile.

  • Anonymous

Carol, 03 Jul 2020I know, igorance is bliss.Look i get it. You feel china is evil. I may do so too. But let's not pretend the west is oh so superior. I would take you much more seriously if you are honest about it. You wanna over pay for activism, go ahead, I hope it bears fruit. I really do. But being naive is not gonna work, to think this garbage phone 'deserves' that price tag is silly. Just compare it with other Amoled snapdragon 865 offerings from China in similar price. It is not. I will respect you much more if you just say outright that despite all of this, you are going to be considerate in what companies you invest in. I'd want these conpanies to do good too. I have had used nokia in their glory days. Now it is sh*t. That's about it.

  • Anonymous

Carol, 03 Jul 2020I know, igorance is bliss.As long as it benefits me, yep.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2020Again, let me write that in capitals since fanboys seem to ... moreI know, igorance is bliss.

  • Anonymous

Carol, 02 Jul 2020I use Nokia before you were born most probably, so your pre... moreAgain, let me write that in capitals since fanboys seem to be having problems reading. I DON'T CARE HOW THEY MAKE IT DO THEY COPY OR NOT, AS LONG AS THE FINISHED PRODUCT I GET AS A MIDDLE CLASS IS CHEAP AND VALUE FOR MONEY. As a rational consumer, this is the sane approach to take. I do not have affiliations with the east or west. I care for my own benefit. Will happily take a flagship 'ccp shit' over this garbage. ANYDAY.

  • Booby Pongo

Nokia fan here, had over 10 Nokias in my life so far, now I'm using the amazing 7 Plus.
Will buy something else in 2021, but I'd say the chances of it being a Nokia are slim.
Nokia 7 Plus has numerous issues, as most of Nokia devices according to what I read on the forums. Screen freezes, WiFi having trouble connecting, and charging port issues. All in all, Nokias have component quality problems. Wow. You wouldn't expect that from a company that sells stuff overpriced would you? You would think they'd add proper parts there right? Even the fingerprint sensor is a disappointment.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still love my 7 Plus. Bought it for 300 Euros, in January 2019, so I could have gone for a Poco. Never regretted going for the Nokia, but the newer devices are not that compelling. They just aren't.

And then there's the software. Got Android 10 update in January 2020. Not quickly, not overly late. As for the security updates, these come 2 months late, even later than Xiaomi pushes them on the MIA2 Lite. So, all in all, don't expect amazing stuff there.

Finally, the support only points you to "official" bullshit or urges you to send your device to the nearest service center. For me, that's in another country. lol

So, all of you who call Nokia a premium brand, you are deceived. That's the best word I can use. We are creating this Nokia image in our mind, but it's fake. It's our creation and it doesn't correspond to the truth in any form, sector, or level.

  • hmm

Carol, 02 Jul 2020First of all,Nokia has no this segment, xiao... moreYour talking about the Nokia that was before MS bought there mobile segment. This new HMD dont shine with anything. Poor quality on camera photos that have stickers of German optics on them and thats about it. Pure android that cost same amount that the phone it's self from unknown named brands based on the hardware. Your one of the most biggest fanboy of Nokia in this site who do not respect anyone who dares to have opinion of there own. Nokia was competition to Sony, Samsung, LG and the like before microsoft bought them. Now as and HMD they are startup company that can use Nokia branding. That dont mean they are more quality products then the likes of Xiaomi. And never mind that most of the factories where phones are made is by same workers for every brand so how is that Nokia cause of it's sticker have more quality. And for the part that the beer virus come is no excuse as they have delayed there phones all the time before the beer virus too.

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2020It's not decent at all. I have a Nokia 8. My phone... morehow is sd 710 better than 765g?
also i know 5G isn't that important, but the option is there.
compared to many other devices it is reasonably priced (not including chinese phones).

  • Carol

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2020I couldn't care less what you do with your money. But ... moreI use Nokia before you were born most probably, so your presumption is equal 0. And when you understand the price of 5g that works everywhere in this world, you understand your chinese crapp is actually overpriced. Why,? Because innovation stolen, design stolen, implementation stolen. Prety much everything is stolen plus the free OS, add to that boat factories or 3'rd quality hardware batches that are cheaper because of high fail rate and you come to so called China "good" device. 60% works 40% fail in the first 3 Mounths, the chances are the first two you buy to be ok, but maybe with small glitches, third one the chance to work 3 Mouths is already down to almost none. And to put the chery on the cake add some spyware to make money with user data and you then slowly know how your 200 euros upfront crapp that you so love, becomes a data mining Money making maschine and starts to be more and more overpriced as you use it, so overpriced that iphone sounds cheap. So first educate yourself some marketing behaviour plus some respect in front of real companies, before screaming overpriced at HMD when you do not even understand why chinaware is soo "cheap".

  • Anonymous

Carol, 02 Jul 2020You have no idea what support means, because you most proba... moreI couldn't care less what you do with your money. But your comment is proof of what I said. People are willing to spend more than what this device deserves because they harbour anti China sentiments, and Nokia is clever about it. So while you overspend, I am happy with my 'knockoff' 'gimmicky' 'ccp s*it' device as long as it gives me the best and latest with the least price.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2020This HMD brand sells a lot of overpriced junk, riding on th... moreYou already said this, a few comments ago and in.every Nokia comment section. Nothing better to do? I can give you a tip: It is called learning, might change your life.

  • Carol

Asphalt-nation, 02 Jul 2020Man it's been like 2 years since this phone was unve... moreNobody expected such a bitter outcome after the Pandemie, also nobody believed it will hit this hard in the economy, but most probably you're ignorant to this problems... don't judge if you don't know.

  • Carol

hmm, 02 Jul 2020Every phone is made in China and HMD is basically a China t... moreFirst of all,Nokia has no this segment, xiaoma bolbomi, tirtiri and so on are not Nokia competition. Samsung apple sony, they are the only Nokia competion, and also the only ones Nokia should take in consideration. So stop comparing those disposible wpydevices with the likes of Nokia.

hmm, 02 Jul 2020I have never had amoled screen phones but usually with that... moreSame for me.
But ive seen many phones with burnt pixels or when the display was showing textures and other things which shouldnt.
I dont want to discuss about burn maps on screen either because i saw so many i am like to say scared of amoled screen.
And yes is much more expensive to make.

  • Carol

Fail, 01 Jul 2020Haha Nokia is clever to cash in on people who harbour anti ... moreYou have no idea what support means, because you most probably never actually earned money. As for supporting HMD global is way more natural then supporting knockoff brands that copy pasted so much they don't even remember which device is theirs, so they just keep releasing. Supporting europe brands is the way and the only way. As in europe are actually Laws. While HMD uses Nokia technology and is supported by Nokia it'self. All others ar just a shadow of it. So yes, i'd pay 600 for this device then for any crapp you think is a good device. And i am proud of my uniqe and crazy good in photography and in a day to day use of my nokia 9 pureview