Motorola Moto G Pro in for review

02 July 2020
The stylus-toting Moto G Pro is here.

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moto please make new pen..this pen is very old

  • Ooinaru

According motorolas websites the G pro is a android one phone 😯

  • Mustufa

My favorite brand Motorola
And my current divece moto g5pulse
Love you moto

  • Anonymous

I got the styles and there was no case with it or the unboxing video on YouTube did not remove one either


The moto g pro is available on in Western Europe

  • Girish Girish

LG Superfan, 03 Jul 2020When I click on G Pro it takes me to Moto G8 page, when I c... moreSuper

  • Anon

You say the Stylus and Pro Specs are indistinguishable - that's not quite true.
I would buy the Pro but not the Stylus because of NFC.
Misleading and a tad sloppy article especially as you refer to the Pro as the Power a completely different phone.

  • Arsov 36

Actually, this is a New Budget device.
If you buy it, you will need $230 for this.

When I click on G Pro it takes me to Moto G8 page, when I click G Stylus it take me to G Stylus page and when I click indistinguishable it take me to comparison page with G Pro having different specs and the article keeps on saying G Power, so which phone are you guys actually reviewing? G Pro? G Stylus? Or G Power? And if G Pro and G Stylus are the same phone then why does G Power cost €300 ($337) while G Stylus is $180

  • Anonymous

I used to have a motorola phone with a stylus, Jay Chou edition. It was a good phone until it unexpectedly died on me. Never had a phone die on me before or ever since.

  • Anonymous

Both Moto G Stylus and Moto G Pro, which are exactly same towards the end of the day, have same display resolution of 1080 X 2300, but here you've mentioned otherwise.

  • Anonymous

They confused the g pro with the g8
Fix it

  • August Heart

Didn't you guys say you were reviewing the Moto G Pro? Why did you mention the Moto G Power in the article then? It's confusing.