Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G also appears in Mystic Bronze

02 July 2020
It appears that this will be the hero color for Samsung's H2 2020 devices - previously we saw the Galaxy Note20+ and the Watch3.

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  • Anonymous
  • mJs
  • 03 Jul 2020

so, bronze is the new term for rose-gold? Im sorry but it still looks metallic-rose coloured to me. I very much liked the nokia copper and the moto droid/milestones brass finish. Also the HTC desire "brown" variant was outstanding and sleek. Bronze just doesn't do it for me. It looks dated by now. Im happy they ditched the "aurora" and scaled colours (any Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme). Im fed up of those aswell. I want a phone I can slip out my pocket in a meeting without everyones eyes hurting.

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    • PZa
    • 02 Jul 2020

    So mystical.