GSMArena app update: version 1.2 is now live

03 July 2020
Grab the update from the Google Play Store to get the best and most up-to-date experience.

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  • Anonymous

Leeds uk, 04 Jul 2020Add a iOS app then it’s perfect!LOL! It is already perfect even without iOS!

  • Joshy

Noob, 04 Jul 2020Is it ever gonna come to ios or is there any i know not about?I’m just guessing, they’re only in favour of android, and playing “favourites”

  • Leeds uk

Add a iOS app then it’s perfect!

Nice update... it's awesome..🔥🔥

emoji support...awesome

  • Noob

Is it ever gonna come to ios or is there any i know not about?

MrPong, 04 Jul 2020👍🙏

Great update! 👍

Im sorry to say but the app is weak, i know im not supposed to have a negative opinion about anything your website supports

Finally, something i have been waiting for... Now Most of my favourite apps are now getting updated.. Just for Facebook to bring the Night/dark mode to Android now and I'm all set..
Please @GsmArena pls give us options to save pictures of phones from the app too..Well done.. you've been my favourite for over 10 years

  • Anonymous

P-CHM, 04 Jul 2020I kind of preferred the way emojis weren't supported. ... moreI do agree. While I'll enjoy the 👽 support there is a level of no 🤓 support that will be missed.

I kind of preferred the way emojis weren't supported. It felt like the kind of limitation that forced comments to be a little more thought through than the usual platforms. I'll miss it.

But then again 📶

PS: Please stop with tracking-based ads. I'd disable my ad-blocker if you just got content-based ads relevant to the content, it'd not only be more effective, but also less annoying.

Is goood all of your effort, thanks for the update looks too nice! 📱📲

  • Anonymous

It's so sad that people argue on here and fill hundreds of comments on these pages, but only have 36 on this.
I do go at it with some people, but here I am.

Thank you gsmarena. Dark theme☠🖤, emojis💩😱💥, and tons of optimizing🤘😎. All the important boxes checked💗💜💞

  • MrPong

Mediatek sux, 03 Jul 2020Awww👍

why are you saying that we graduated from beta, while the app is still in beta

  • Anonymous

Anyone recognize the phone used to demo the app ?? It looks like a fullscreen with slightly curved edges, no punch hole or teardrop cam, and buttons on the right,,, but I can't seem to identify it and it's driving me mad haha

  • Jeremeep

Not available on my P40 Pro. Unsurprising.

Ugh, took so long for emojis 😤🙄

Why I need an app with the ads? The Web browser with ad-blocking is love!