Samsung Galaxy M01s official support page confirms 3 GB RAM version

03 July 2020
The page for SM-M017F/DS appears on Samsung India’s website.

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astegon, 05 Jul 2020So what? Samsung has AMOLED or SAMOLED panels. Why insists ... moreWdym "so what?" Its a 120$ samsung phone, dont like it dont buy it. Im pretty sure the other guy mistook tft as tn panel. Might as well comment in every lcd phone article with "TFT display? LOL". Havent seen that happen.

Mediatek sux, 03 Jul 2020Here, study well moreSo what? Samsung has AMOLED or SAMOLED panels. Why insists on TFT-PLS panel.

Too many phones coming out almost every week from manufacturers, now i understand why the 2years update supports is a thing.. too many phones to keep touch with and value gets depreciated easily too

Wow. It's really nice that even entry-level Samsung handsets get 3 GB of RAM. But it makes the Galaxy A51 look even more ridiculous, with just 4 GB of RAM, while its cost is almost three times that of the Galaxy M01s. Sure, there are other differences, but it's weird that the A51 sells so well.

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2020Tft display ? LOLHere, study well

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Tft display ? LOL