Samsung Galaxy Assured and Galaxy Forever programs reach India

03 July 2020
The former is a guaranteed buyback scheme, while the latter makes phone payments more flexible.

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Ezio, 04 Jul 2020"40% price in a year" wow samsung.yeah, right? they don't have confidence in their own resale value!! :D

Hello Life, 06 Jul 2020No, I don't want to talk about other stuff. You said m... morethat's very odd. my experience has been the exact opposite.

i've had a better experience with mid-range & low-end exynos and even mediatek chip based phones than with snapdragons, esp the 200, 400 and 600-650 series, even as recently as last year.

at the end of the day, software refinement is also a factor so perhaps the samsung bloatware got to you - though even then, an M10 and an A20 i briefly used, felt decent.

perhaps for your use case i.e. gaming, the snapdragons may perform better, but i've used two samsung s8's, one with qualcomm and another with exynos and felt the exynos performed better in everyday life including browsing. didn't bother with games though.

interestingly, you started off with you don't want to talk about the price but you refer it as a point again in between. i don't want to point out the obvious too, that chinese phones are cheaper because they do little to no r&d (=> savings), so lets leave it at that.

for me, samsung's pricing does irk me a bit - they ought to price their exynos models a bit lesser than the qualcomm models, mainly for the fact that exynos is an in-house development and should be helping them save costs. recently cited performance differences in higher end models is an additional factor too.

at the same time, qualcomm's complacency is not that great either. its like seeing the early phase of the intel vs amd war, except its not clear who is amd yet.

but end of day, whatever rocks your boat. since i generally get people to try using a phone first before buying it, it doesn't really matter to me.

stobs, 06 Jul 2020nobody was talking about the pricing. but if you want to go... moreNo, I don't want to talk about other stuff. You said mid range exynos is better or equal to other brands. Which is a lie. You dont have proper knowledge yourself and you talk fake smart. My point is, i moved from google pixel 2xl (which broke due to a certain incident). So i moved to A50s temporarily for 1 year before I make an iphone purchase this year which is expected to come with 120hz or above display ( a must for me). I own the phone and I know it. It is not better than other brands at all.. in performance at least. Display is better, battery is same, but build quality, camera and performance is even worse than low end phones like Redmi note 8 por note 9 pro. And here you are talking about same range. You know what in the same price I could have got? A redmi k20 pro with snapdragon 855. LOL, forget 855, even 675 and 730 is better and my buddies enjoy faster pubg gameplays. I play in my ipad for this reason, which has a chipset from 2016 and still is faster than exynos 9611. Which makes me really sad. But this thing I can tolerate because I don't want to buy a chinese phone. What I can't tolerate is ignorant guys like you.

Han Chinese Alpha, 05 Jul 2020Be grateful to Chinese brands, like Xiaomi because of these... morein a way, it also prevented them from developing themselves. end of the day, they got the short stick.

Hello Life, 06 Jul 2020No they do not. Even snapdragon 675 is superior than Samsun... morenobody was talking about the pricing. but if you want to go there, why are the chinese phones so cheap?

stobs, 06 Jul 2020while the highest end exynos does not match against the hig... moreNo they do not. Even snapdragon 675 is superior than Samsung's 9611 which they put in phones which cost twice as much. Their exynos 980 is really good, but that thing is in a price range where you can easily get a Chinese brand with 865

Hello Life, 05 Jul 2020Never will i purchase a samsung again if they don't pr... morewhile the highest end exynos does not match against the highest end snapdragon, they match or exceed performance in the mid-end & low-end segments.

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Phone manufaturers want you to upgrade your phone regularly and not let it last long

  • Ayesha

Is galaxy s10 lite better or note 10 lite?

  • Han Chinese Alpha

nick, 04 Jul 2020We can afford it, and if this option is available to Indian... moreBe grateful to Chinese brands, like Xiaomi because of these brands most people in India are able to afford a decent smartphone.

Never will i purchase a samsung again if they don't provide as good android updates as oneplus or 4 years of support at the least and also switch to qualcomm instead of their inferior Exynos. Yes slight lesser performance is alright, but it is worse in every way possible. Jitters and laginess in the UI, worse battery life, and inferior signal reception. I am hating on my phone so much. I received android 10 just 1 month ago, when many phones have started getting android 11 betas, which my phone will never receive, despite only few months old.

Samsung, I have been using your devices since 2011, I have changed to some other brands in between, but always opted for Galaxy S or Note series from Samsung.
my question is, You already have "better" hardware than Apple, then why not support longer OS update cycle, isn't octa core processors and 8 or 12gb and some cases 16gb of rams is insufficient for mobiles to handle newer Android updates? while windows can run okay even on outdated hardware and mere 4gb of ram.
and those flagship devices has already crossed $1000 price mark already. $1000 for a device which doesn't support OS update longer than 2 years. what a joke.
or its just total Laziness and Greed to push people to opt for newer models every year or two.

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veryangrynerd, 04 Jul 2020Samsung thinks these money grab programs can be imported fr... moreBecause middle class man know how to value their hard earn money

  • Anonymous

No Thanks Sammy. I dont want to add to environmental waste and your waist, after you admitted your phones are worthless after a year.

  • nick

Han Chinese Alpha, 04 Jul 2020Yeah man I don't get it. Seems like Indians not buying... moreWe can afford it, and if this option is available to Indians that means the sales are happening good here.... Don't tell we cant afford it... We can afford expensive phones also we can ban stupid cheap rates Chinese phones .....

  • Anonymous

I thought Galaxy Forever referred to software updates.

Whooops sorry it got posted.

  • Han Chinese Alpha

Spanky, 04 Jul 2020So, only flagships? Not really useful, then. Besides, who c... moreYeah man I don't get it. Seems like Indians not buying these expensive phones. Well i understand they can't afford yet. Btw the scheme is useless as well.

We don't get all these great deals here in Africa Especially in Nigeria... wonder why they cut us off from the world....

Interesting schemes. I wonder if Apple has similar schemes for the iPhone.

The percentage rate back's are totally insane ! I hope the phone can be destroyed at this "reprisale" rate hahahaha