French government decides against banning Huawei, but recommends avoiding it

06 July 2020
Head of French cybersecurity says risk with European companies “is not the same” as with non-European ones.

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Anonymous, 06 Jul 2020Yes, it's because Huawei is essentially a tech extensi... moreYeah...and us play fair with cia and nsa ....tell that to julian assange

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Both US and China play dirty and so there is no need for the west to think they innocent.

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Anonymous, 06 Jul 2020Yes, it's because Huawei is essentially a tech extensi... moreAnd US doesn't fund it's companies? You need to research more on who funded most of the technology in US and then come back here.
BTW I'm not a fun of the Chinese government but I don't like it when people in the west want to claim the higher ground when they are not innocent as well.

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Different countries have different expectations for their 5G infrastructure. Not all countries want (or need) a "state of art" infrastructure. If you don't expect a "state of art" infrastructure, you have the option to adopt lesser technology from a lesser company, or wait for a lesser company to develop one in the future.

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Anonymous, 06 Jul 2020It seems you are behind on this matter. Currently Huawei ha... moreYes, it's because Huawei is essentially a tech extension of the Chinese People's Army and it get both funding and help from them. Which is why no Western country should use Huawei equipment.

China doesn't play fair and it's time the world stood up to it.

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Is this a new Huawei Company?

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Martin, 06 Jul 2020Huawei the world's largest provider of telecommunicati... moreFinally, someone who understands the situation.

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Hemedans, 06 Jul 2020owning Technology and Supplying equipments is different, Do... moreIt seems you are behind on this matter. Currently Huawei has more 5G patents than any other company.
Also Huawei in previous years has invested more money than all the Nokia, Qualcomm and Ericsson put together in R&D. Why do you think the US has now allowed US companies to work with Huawei on 5G technology if it was insignificant?
Mind you it has even overtaken Samsung as the number one smartphone manufacturer in last two months despite all the assault it has suffered from the US. It tells you that the company is very innovative and resilient. I don't think other companies like Apple, Google or Microsoft could have survived if they suffered similar fate from world's most powerful country.

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In the market of 5G infrastructure, there are only 4 significant players: Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE, Nokia.

-In terms of underlying technology:
Huawei is an undisputed leader in the 5G infrastructure technology. Although we usually call Ericsson, ZTE, or Nokia as Huawei's peers, this is not correct technically speaking. Huawei is really peerless in this field since it is so far ahead of the rest of the world. Exactly how big a lead Huawei has over the rest? Different parties give different answers, but usually in terms of years. According to Wilbur Ross (US secretary of commerce) in his speech delivered in India in February (2020), US will put in billions to work with Ericsson (Nokia) and other US companies to catch up with China's 5G technology lead within 3 years.

-In terms of 5G solution:
As of the end of 2019, Huawei is the only company that has the complete end-to-end solutions. Using the words of the UK chief in charge of 5G deployment: "Huawei is really the only solution in Town. No other vendors offer exactly what we want." The other three players have significant partial solutions. Since 5G rollout is a multi-year process, the other players will eventually have their own solutions. Whether such solutions will be competitive against that of Huawei's is another matter all together.

-In terms of 5G contract numbers (as of end of 2019, in order of decreasing numbers):
Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE. (Huawei's contract numbers is way larger than the rest.)

-In terms of 5G equipment market share (as of Q1, 2020, in order of decreasing share):
Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE, Nokia. (Huawei's market share is way larger than the rest.)

Hemedans, 06 Jul 2020Huawei is not better in 5g, they just sell equipment at che... moreWhat? Do u know what u just write dude? China is tech leader in 5g. Almost 40% of smartphones are 5g in China now, while 2% of phones are 5g in USA. This is one of statistics which show who is leader in 5g today. Until they cover whole Usa and Europe, China will start using 6g in biggest towns. Go there if u can, and u will see how big difference is compared to most European and US cities.

  • Bjorn

[deleted post]Foreign govts. should have your data than your own, so they can influence your elections and setup their desired leaders to their rival countries, right ?
A country is all riled up trying to displace you and become a superpower, what do you do ? Hand them one of the keys to the 21st centuries technological foundation of your country, let them install equipment that will control all the data generated in the nation at high speeds, and you trust them because there is no proof in stone ? Never mind their 'reputation' and the equipment installer's 'special relation' to your rival ?
And all that bullshit about Google, Facebook having your go through this post - "If Facebook is a cup of water, TikTok is an ocean."
Ask the Uighurs, which govt. would they give their data to ?

Martin, 06 Jul 2020Huawei the world's largest provider of telecommunicati... moreowning Technology and Supplying equipments is different, Does Xiaomi Own more smartphone related technologies than Sony and LG? no they dont but they sell more.

Huawei supply more because they sell at cheap price but they dont have technology to compare with Nokia, Ericson or Qualcomm.

And yes Qualcomm dont supply to ISP, but they invent some of technologies used, even Huawei pay Billions to Qualcomm to licence those technologies, and now they are in talk for Huawei to licence their 5G tech.

huawei equipments are cheap and they of low quality, look at countries which use Nokia technologies like Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Norway etc they have fastest mobile data in the world.

  • Martin

Hemedans, 06 Jul 2020Huawei is not better in 5g, they just sell equipment at che... moreHuawei the world's largest provider of telecommunications equipment is 1-2 years ahead in 5G compared to the other players like Ericsson and struggling Nokia. Qualcomm does not provide any 5G telecommunicaton equipment, neighter does any US company. This is way US is sanctioning Huawei and everyone involved with them. It's to prevent them from dominating a strategic market. No such thing as spying and stealing technology... Huawei has by far the most patents in 5G.

[deleted post]Huawei is not better in 5g, they just sell equipment at cheap price, Nokia, Ericsson, Qualcomm etc have way better 5g equipments than Huawei. those 3 own like 90% of 5g licence revenue.

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Why would they want my data anyway? All they'd find are just lots of loli hentai and insignificant browsing history.

I don't buy this 'huawei is a threat' bullshit. Facebook and google's stuffs are not any better.

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Huawei has never been a real player in French telecom infrastructure, so this decision will not be impactful for either parties. On the other hand, French telecom infrastructure is not as close to 'the state of art' as those of UK, Germany, Switzerland and many other European countries, all of them are heavily dependent on Huawei technology.

[deleted post]How short sighted are all people posting these "google already has all your data", you really can not grasp the magnitude of the concern that Huawei provokes by having so huge dominance in telecoms, the concern is not about the silly, insignificant and otherwise dumb data of comun unimportant users of stupid cellphones, the really important thing is, for starters, is, all the main hardware , the crucial, really important data that this hardware handles, namely, financial institutions, stock exchange, government comms, big companies transactions, banking( big banking, not people's peanuts), so for all ignorants babbling about "give proof" that precisely is the point in preventing something from happenning, assume what the other part is capable of doing, not what would be more likely to, simpler safest way to go

what if ur data center Huawei equipment also? ur satellite etc. still anything brand can spy us

[deleted post]Having users data is not the major problem but what they do with it and Users Autonomy and control over them is what matters.. so most people seems to be safer with the Mentioned companies than the chinese.. i love Huawei and have been a fan from day 1 but its affiliation with the Chinese government put a dent on its reputation

Translation: they want to have their brioche and eat it, too.