Facebook Messenger shows early signs of cross-chat support with WhatsApp

07 July 2020
People on WhatsApp might eventually be able to communicate with Facebook Messenger users.

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I didn't have experience of it I'm using Facebook but instead of using original WhatsApp, I'm using FMWhatsApp.

  • Rush56

YUKI93, 07 Jul 2020Best of luck with that when 99% of people never heard of Te... moreI dont think so.. Older people at my job know for viber and use it and they are so dumb when it comes to computers and stuff online

khan, 07 Jul 2020A lot of people would say the opposite, Whatsapp is inferio... morePoint taken. Arguing about preferences is useless. Never the less I would prefer to have one app build of the best of both instead of two belonging to the same company. Having loads of apps just for the sake of it doesn't seem efficient but that is only an opinion. Having these apps making cross platform communication (seamless communication between iMessage, Google Messaging...) possible would be even better (I know, it's not realistic)

  • Anonymous

Time to quit using whatsapp then. Good ol' iMessage is superior in every aspect anyway. And most importantly, it's not linked to Facebook nor Google.

  • Anonymous

kpies110, 07 Jul 2020Why would anyone use WhatsApp over Messenger? Messenger is ... moreThat's why facebook accounts are hacked and stolen so often. Because anyone can log in anywhere and you don't even realise til they''ve stolen your account

  • memyselfadni

I believe the whole idea is to merge the 2 into 1 app.

  • Bebe

My facebook is blocked

  • Anonymous

It seems likely Facebook is going to break the end-to-end encryption, when then integrate WhatsApp more directly into Facebook. Many of the convenience features people want can't easily be done with real end-to-end encryption. So say goodbye to privacy, WhatsApp users.

In fact, this is why the founder of WhatsApp left a long time ago, saying that it was clear Facebook intended to undermine the privacy of WhatsApp.

Facebook destroyed WhatsApp privacy. Facebook spread fake news.

I encouraged people to use WhatsApp. Looks like, will have to encourage them to use something else.

  • George

If Facebook combines data from Facebook with WhatsApp is a good way to delete both apps :))

NipponFan, 07 Jul 2020These app are cancer. Delete all Facebook products and use ... moreBest of luck with that when 99% of people never heard of Telegram or Viber or even Signal.

X41, 07 Jul 2020I rather delete telegram...the messy messengerLol, WhatsApp is still trying to catch that so-called messy messenger. Heck, I easily take Telegram over WhatsApp all day.

  • Dude

I hope FB will explode. Cancerous company

df13146, 07 Jul 2020The best things would be the ability to connect your Facebo... moreWhy would anyone use WhatsApp over Messenger? Messenger is better in every way asides encryption. Messenger is faster, looks better, has more features, and can be used on any device anywhere, no limit on how many times you've logged in.

  • khan

atichko, 07 Jul 2020I just don't get it why the very same company should h... moreA lot of people would say the opposite, Whatsapp is inferior to Messenger in every way asides encryption. WhatsApp is ancient, bare bones, ugly, and extremely inconvenient compared to Messenger. over a billion people use Messenger frequently, same with Whatsapp. If they were to ever merge, WhatsApp should be dissolved and Messenger should be kept. But that won't happen, instead the next best thing which is allow the two messaging platforms to work together, meaning if you're used to WhatsApp you can use that, or Messenger if you're used to that. However, the fact that Messenger can be used anywhere, with all messages backed up to Facebook's servers, is an invaluable to me and hundreds of millions of people. Being able to sign in on any device and reply to my previous conversations is something you can't easily do on WhatsApp. So Messenger would still be my pick.

  • communications

df13146, 07 Jul 2020The best things would be the ability to connect your Facebo... moreThe best would be that people without FB account could chat with FB users and vice versa.

I just don't get it why the very same company should have two similar communication apps in parallel. Just pick the best of both and simply offre one app! Facebook messenger has always been a crappy app and even more when it became a stand-alone app while not being stand-alone as you still need to have a Facebook account ...
On the other hand WhatsApp has many shortcomings as well such as the necessity to link it to a mobile phone number resulting in one person having more than one account if he or she has more then one phone number (such as I am one). Even the crappy dual solutions offered by some OEMs don't work as expected. In short too many apps for the same purpose (from the same company) and non of them perfect or ideal...

Facebook has messed WhatsApp.
I have deleted my Facebook account
Deleted Facebook Messenger
Deleted Facebook Instagram &
Deleted Facebook WhatsApp.

These are the real backdoors to our phones

Vinod, 07 Jul 2020Can I get read the message facebook through in whatsapp That would be a dream come true.

The best things would be the ability to connect your Facebook account to WhatsApp and then chat both your FB and WhatsApp friends on WhatsApp.
Then a lot of people would be able to throw away the messenger app.
But it would reduce ad revenue for fb, so maybe not gonna happen.