Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ specs revealed, 45W charging confirmed

09 July 2020
Huge battery, no fast charging.

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  • Mark007

I have got Samsung galaxy tab s7 plus and you use a 45w charger without damage the tablet does anyone know

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2020Please get the idea out of tour head that display type is e... moreit is a massive factor. Ipads still use LCD, its a joke.

  • Gee.

Wonder if one is able to place a phone call with the 5G version of the Tab 7+... it would be nice to use an bluetooth earpiece for this and keep the tablet in the shoulder bag... kind of an all round electronic device.

  • Anonymous

M1999, 13 Jul 2020IPads have a worse screen (not OLED), same performance, rea... morePlease get the idea out of tour head that display type is everything

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2020The majority cannot care when they have no choice.I use my tablet when I don'r wanna carry around my laptop all the time and my battery was really bad so I decided to buy a new one. It was either no headphone jack or no Amdroid (I want at least midrange performances and a UI I know). It is not even about the thickness also, which people bring up as a reason. The tab S2 is just 5.6mm thin and it has the jack. They just want to sell their wireless stuff. I wanted a Samsung phone again because it will work better with my tablet, but I experienced the cons of not having all ports already, so I am not gonna buy a phone without jack (so I have to chose between sony and lg, there is no other choice, but at least there are options)

  • M1999

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2020will it be 1000$? Im sorry but apple's smallest ipads ... moreIPads have a worse screen (not OLED), same performance, really outdated design except for the pro while even the S5e and the S6 lite has thin bezels, don't work well with your Android phone, old chip in the cheapest... Support is way better though on iPads, I have to admit. And OS is better for most of the people, I just prefer Android but iOS on iPads is more optimised.

I compared my old tablet from 2016 (tab S2) with the cheapest iPads and designwise the aren't far apart, obviously the iPads were faster but the screen quality was worse imo (OLED>LCD), although it can be a preference between more natural and more vibrant

  • Anonymous

Need to know how well its Pen is going to function.
Have an older Samsung Tab S4, and I could still make and sell digital artwork with those. Hell I could even work with an even older 2013 model.
Nice to see a 12" android tablet with pen to compete with iPad Pro.
But goodness to god if it's priced as much as the iPad Pro I'd probably just rather have those since I already have a still working fine Samsung Tab for the Android Tablet, not probably worth to 'upgrade' since it'll probably received minimal updates anyway and will probably lag after a while regardless of how much RAM it had.
120Hz would be lovely. 10kAh battery is nice-ish but most of my drawing sessions are just around 1-2 hours long anyway so I could just recharge in between.

Side buttons on the pen that can be disabled. Because accidentally pressing the button while drawing is a goddamned pain in the ass.
They're probably just gonna re-use the tip of the S pen design anyway. I kinda prefer the Apple Pencil's hard tip that doesn't feel like it'll break if pressured at an angle. Well I guess old S Pens will work just fine with it.

Maybe I'll take a look at if my current Tab is gonna go kaput then I'll probably consider upgrading.

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2020You don't need to kill ipad pro since it is already de... morehaha, Nice joke. Outsold it seems. In your dream.

  • Nes

Why can they not give these tablets a very large internal memory..its always in the single digit..8gig 6gig....everyone knows internal memory gets used uon very quickly then the whole system slows down...give me an internal memory in the.. rediculoius.....250gig

Yolo2020, 09 Jul 2020get a usb c adapter and u can use your wire buddyWell, adapter is not something I enjoy, even if I have it with me when I need to use it. Good thing there is no need for charger adapters as all phones use usbc. Its about the same feeling but more annoying.

  • NJ

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2020Why splash Android on a tablet 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Samsung g... moreI wish the bigger screen was a chrome os tablet.

thatguy, 10 Jul 2020Strictly for entertainment, what matters the most is the sc... moreI'll admit that surface pro 7 lacks 16:9 aspect Ratio along with it being not so thin or light but then it makes up for that in so many other departments.
Budget is no bar for me, but I want a full fledged premium experience where I don't need to carry a laptop and a tablet both.

  • M

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2020Why splash Android on a tablet 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Samsung g... moreAndroind with DeX isn't so bad.

  • Jagnad

Samsung got to move away further from 128gb or 256gb. Since the data usage is more & more in quantity, it should look forward to 512gb/1tb with corresponding increase in Ram to 12gb.
Sticking to 4gb & 6gb Ram, 64gb & 128gb internal resident memory looks pathetic.

Meedo, 09 Jul 2020S pen is not comparable to the apple pencil, please use bot... moreThe Apple Pencil needs to be charged and the Samsung stylus is good to go whenever wherever!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]There are peopole who want all in one experience.
One device for everything, Multimedia, gaming, productivity, drawing and so on.

You answered yourself... Pro 7 beats them all in productivity, drawing and entertainment hands down for less than ipad pro 256 with keyboard and pencil

  • Anonymous

Why splash Android on a tablet 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Samsung get to work and create a more functional OS

Meedo, 09 Jul 2020S pen is not comparable to the apple pencil, please use bot... moreIm using them not for an hour but for months designing digital art. Maybe you should to.

Meedo, 09 Jul 2020S pen is not comparable to the apple pencil, please use bot... moreSo I was in the market for a tablet some.montha ago. I was in doubt whether it would be the Tab S6 lite or the cheapest iPad. One thing, I wanted a stylus. I use it often. Pros and cons for both, however, despite the longer software updates the iPad gives you, the Tab S6 got my interest because it has the stylus in the box. I am not willing to pay a lot extra for the apple stylus. Also, the iPad has a 4:3 screen, so watching media would give 2 huge black bars top and bottom. Then there was the huge bezels all around, no customisation and no USB-C. Plus I'd have to pay about 100 euro more. Besides of that, the S-Pen is superb. So it was an easy choice for me. Bonus that I got the Samsung book cover for free as well.

  • thatguy

Android.Master, 09 Jul 2020How is Android or iOS tablet better for entertainment compa... moreStrictly for entertainment, what matters the most is the screen aspect ratio (pixel count and display quality to follow). Along those lines, Android tablets could be your best bet. Most have 16:9 screen, Samsung tabs tend to have 16:10 which is close. Surface Pro 7 comes next with 3:2 aspect ratio and then ipads with 4:3 ratio. If you plan on using the tablet for entertainment at least 60% of the times, get an android. My suggestion would be Samsung s5e or Fire HD 10 (if on a budget)