New beta for OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro optimizes auto-brightness, brings new security patches

09 July 2020
OxygenOS Open Beta 6 is now available for these two smartphones.

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Adamrock, 10 Jul 2020I literally just got my oneplus 7t 24 hours ago and set it ... morePersonally i turn that auto brightness off because Oneplus literally suck when it comes to that, and also, the issue about proximity sensor when I'm making a call (I don't know if you have this issue also) like sometimes it turn of the screen when i put it close to my ear sometimes it don't an just giving me a lot of accidental touch, kinda annoying tbh

  • NacSwaping

Dima, 10 Jul 2020When will they add WiFi 6 supportFor wifi 6 support if the phone does not have the hardware software can't do anything.

I literally just got my oneplus 7t 24 hours ago and set it all up and love it but I did notice the auto brightness at least 4-5 times was very off throughout the day... I do have the T-Mobile version as I got a bundle deal with case and headphone and screen protector for less than $500 new and I paid in full so will apply to get it unlocked. Question, can I enroll in the beta with the T-Mobile version or do I need to wait until it's unlocked first and than root it and install the OEM os vs the T-Mobile version to join the beta ? Thank you

  • Dima

When will they add WiFi 6 support

Any camera downgrade this time?

" those who love living on the bleeding edge"

Hahahah it's not that hard man c'mon...

  • Sharbel

"Who love living on the bleeding edge" lol
It's only a system update guys!

  • Anonymous

Please add HEVC recording. Even Samsung phones have it!

  • Dave

Of course it's the death of Oneplus... What a shame of customer service, I was talking to two customer services from two countries, if they solved the issue of the auto-bright of the recently bought phone OnePlus 7T: They treated me like a fool or answered me 2 weeks later, when I had already returned the phone because I was fed up. And now they're releasing an update but you have to be a betatester. A real shame in quality and customer service. This problem it´s from end of september of 2019!!!

  • AnonD-923722

2019 is the dead of the 'Oneplus' that we know.