Nokia announces a suite of new Windows Phone apps

20 June, 2012
Nokia just announced they are updating their location apps and are bringing new camera extras, too.

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  • AJ

When will these be available?

  • tontres

Lumia 900 is a good phone but has a lot of fixing and upgrading to do. Especially when the app is saying that it is not available in your region that is so racist. thinking of switching to s3 which is a better performing smart phone.

  • AnonD-60012

This is the reason why we need iPhone., Apple has been supporting its latest OS to their phones which was released 4 years ago like iPhone 3GS. 3GS has been getting software updates like iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. and Not a single feature lacks with 3gs or 4, Except for SIRI in 4S. But Nokia released Windows phone's lineup just last year and a year later it wont get an upgrade to Windows Phone 8.
I should have never purchased Lumia. I should have bought an iPhone.:(

  • Anonymous

AnonD-59990, 20 Jun 2012OK, I got a Lumia 900 preordered in April, so let's do some math... moreWow, thanks for wasting my time with that.

  • king koopa

AnonD-59990, 20 Jun 2012OK, I got a Lumia 900 preordered in April, so let's do some math... moreyour comment is nonsense.
keep it to yourself

  • AnonD-53035

Its really sad that Nokia have to use their R&D team to develop these basic app for Windows Phone (that was available for Symbian a long time ago)
Now if only Nokia had spend more resources on Symbian and Meego R&D :(

  • what wow

WOW a million times..a dlna app and a counter app...epicness itself ! not.

  • AnonD-59990

OK, I got a Lumia 900 preordered in April, so let's do some math in case I want to get a new, windows 8 phone sometime after it released and I feel that there are enough new phone 8 specific apps that will justify un upgrade.
The 100 dollars I paid when ordering the phone, I got back within few weeks because someone, somewhere was having some LTE connectivity issues(not me), they gave back $100 to anyone who purchased the phone before the end of April, so that made the phone free for me.
Recently, I got another $100 from Microsoft for buying a Windows/Nokia phone due to some kind of deal my company had with Microsoft. The Amazon gift card for 100 arrived 3 days after I sent them the email with my proof of purchase.
So as of this moment, I am paid $100 dollars just to have a Lumia 900 phone.
Sometime around windows phone 8 release I will get an upgrade to 7.8 which will handle all my latest technology needs at least till the year end, or even as far as February Ė April of 2012 when my Lumia will be exactly 1 year old.
Now the math:
ATT will charge $320 - $10 for every month to get me off the contract, so by next April the penalty will be $200.
I subtract the $100 that I got just for having this phone (read above), so thatís really is a $100 dollar loss IF I decide that I really, really want the new Phone 8.
Assuming that the new phone/contract will cost the same $100 and the chances are very high that they will not increase the price, not until they have a sizable chunk of market, if I decide to breach my current contract and get a new phone it will cost me $200 with contract, less than $300 for the iphone and in line or less with the best android phones.
By now I assume you understood that I like the windows phone way more than the competition, so whatís wrong with paying an average market price to get the latest and greatest of my favorite phone?
One more think, based on all this rebates that are flying around already, the chances are high that when the new phone 8 arrives there will be some kind of a deal, whether from ATT or Microsoft or Nokia to do an early upgrade, maybe another $100?
So anyone who bought a Lumia, please quit crying, the things are not near as bad as the trolls will want you to believe.

  • Anonymous

WP8 brings many HARDWARE changes or changes based on HARDWARE. If the current devices do not have the hardware how will the benefit from the full update?

  • mrdoubleb

The only feature i am really missing from Drive is to select toll free highways. I hope we will get that in an update... Symbian versions of Drive can do that already.

As for the others, nice to get these free apps, panorama is very welcome indeed.

  • AnonD-27765

Fruitcake, 20 Jun 2012Nokia are always acting like they always do,to Slow in Releasing... moreIt's not Nokia's fault but Microsoft's.

  • Anonymous

Good thing even I think this doesn't need any update

  • AnonD-27765

We need more and new. i laready have those apps on my Nokia N8 except the Counters app.

  • Fruitcake

Nokia are always acting like they always do,to Slow in Releasing Phones an now this will be to Late to safe alot of Lumia users will be very annoyed not getting the Update to 8

  • dave

Nokia call it a day please