Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Lite are both heavily discounted today

10 July 2020
The Note10 can be yours for $609.99, while the Note10 Lite is just $419.99.

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  • 12 Jul 2020

Bogdan, 11 Jul 2020Imagine paying for an Android flagship 1000EUR and then aft... morefor me, i always prefer android because of the freedom to drag files back and forth without restriction set by iphones

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    • AM Bunny
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    • 12 Jul 2020

    Exactly! I am on my 4th Note series now, and it's by far the best : the Note 10 Plus and can't understand how a dum iPhone 7 or X can be the same price on 2nd hand units... Even if you keep it sealed, used few hours and you'll still get 40-45% value, not more.

    People really seem to love iPhones so if you want resell value... buy an iPhone.

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      • Bogdan
      • p%B
      • 11 Jul 2020

      Imagine paying for an Android flagship 1000EUR and then after 1 year that flagship is almost half the price. Lol.
      Android flagships and especially Samsung loose their value so fast. Knowing that I could get only 300-400EUR for a phone after just 1-2 years of usage (which initially cost 800-1000EUR), is enough for me not to buy it. That was one of the reasons I stopped buying Android flagship phones.

        $250 is a fair for the Note 10. The Lite, maybe $190.

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          • Westcoastone
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          • 11 Jul 2020

          Not unusual for this to happen considering the note20 and other models launching within three weeks from now..why hold on to the older ones which won't have much demand and many will come in used markets as well which will be super cheap.

            In my country here in Slovakia Note 10 plus cost from 746 euros for 12/256GB and the 12/512GB cost from 879 euros.
            Note 10 8/256GB from 614 euros
            And note 10 like 6/128 from 399 euros.

              Already available in my country for:
              Note 10 - $638
              Note 10 Lite - $383.

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                • 11 Jul 2020

                600 dollars? You can buy Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro. It is miles faster than S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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                  • 11 Jul 2020

                  That's a discount? Overpriced Samsung phones. No wonder they're not selling well. You can go on Swappa and get Note 10 for 400-500.