iPhone 12 series batteries pass multiple certifications, 20W charger also spotted

13 July 2020
The battery capacities are lower than on the iPhone 11 series.

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in age of 120W poor apple is still stuck on 20w
good luck isheeps

  • Anonymous

Maybe they will use two batteries within like OPPO to reduce wear?

Nicolas F, 13 Jul 2020I'll be laughing hard and happily if iPhone 12 Pro Max... moreDefinitely it's going to have equal or better battery life.
1.LPDDR5 Ram
2.5nm processors
3.wireless modem may be efficient
4.New iOS 14

  • Anonymous

20W fast charging is laughable in 2020 especially when accompanied with a 1500$ phone.
Oops,they don't even ship that with your phone.

  • sid

So they're not ditching the charger?

I'll be laughing hard and happily if iPhone 12 Pro Max with lower battery capacity and bigger screen than iPhone 11 Pro Max will have same or better battery life (which was already great) xD

  • VoLOO00

When others are doing 4500+ battery's and 45W+ chargers, Apple are waiting to same others to do 6000mah and 100w to make them the "we invented the 20w charger and the 3600mah battery".

Just give them the time and sure this will happen.

Apple, the biggest player but the last to evolve. Poor Apple.