Deal: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can now be had for just $909.99

13 July 2020
You're getting a brand new unlocked unit for the price, and it also has dual-SIM functionality.

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  • ThePong

Garbage phone. Utter cr*p with dumb cameras that can't autofocus properly and weak Exynos chipset.

S20/S20+ still makes more sense but better wait for the S20 FE/Lite or just get a Mi 10 Pro. Anyway all Androids will just depreciate quickly over time.

  • Anonymous

In this Covid year I am expecting all this year flagships prices will go down soon by 20-35%

That's the Exynos model. They can keep that phone. Junk at any price.

Note7 owner, 14 Jul 2020Just $909.99, what a deal. Yeah right these phones are way ... moreIn reality ,mobile phones are so overpriced..

  • Truth

These are the inferior Exynos models that many people don't want.

Just $909.99, what a deal. Yeah right these phones are way over priced at release. 20-30 percent discount is very common for Android phones a few months after release.

780$ in cambodia for 12g ram 128g internal