Spotify coming to Russia and 12 more markets, mostly Eastern Europe

15 July 2020
The music streaming service is now available in 92 regions globally.

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Great News! So it means I don't need to download Spotify songs by using my Audkit Spotify song downloader before I go to Russia on business. That saves much time though my tool works really fast.

Looking forward to the arrival of Spotify in my country. Now, I'm using a VPN to access the Spotify library. But sometimes the network speed is too low and it affects my listening experience as it stops unexpectedly.
To fix this issue, I also use the DRmare Spotify Music Converter to download and convert Spotify songs as local files, encoded in MP3 files. So I don't need to use a VPN but listen to Spotify songs offline on any player with the WiFi network connection.

Or you could download songs from Spotify. Then you can listen to Spotify songs when you don't have a VPN. Just use Tunelf Spotify Music Converter and you can download tracks from Spotify to your device. Later, you can keep them on your device for playing even though you don't subscribe to any Premium plans on Spotify.

  • sheepmehmeh

Great, no more VPN required. Every time I listen to Spotify via VPN, music often pauses after ads because of the poor network. So I had to download new albums from my favorite singers using AudFree Spotify downloader, and later load them all into the Spotify app to play offline.

  • Anonymous

Just after I bought a 2 year VPN plan - mostly for using Spotify. Ugh ...

Sadly no spotify in East Africa. Good thing there is VPN.

apprise, 15 Jul 2020Yeh you can't beat Tidals audio quality. Imagine Tidal... moreTidals audio quality with Spotifys audio library? That's Deezer Hi-Fi

  • Anonymous

Deezer is available in 186 countries

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2020Audiophiles use Qobuz and Tidal. I think it has to do with... moreYeh you can't beat Tidals audio quality. Imagine Tidals audio quality with Spotifys audio library

  • Anonymous

Audiophiles use Qobuz and Tidal. I think it has to do with the higher bitrate on those platforms. Spotify is fine for casual listeners like me.