Samsung Galaxy M01s unveiled with 6.2-inch LCD and Helio P22

16 July 2020
The phone is already up for grabs on Samsung's official site.

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  • Mohit

Atleast at this price point, Super Amoled and USB Type C should be given by Samsung

Aryan A, 17 Jul 2020It looks simple but seems like a promising smartphone choic... moreSamsung should use its brand name to establish itself in this segment with the latest mediatek helio processors

Ayaan, 17 Jul 2020A good option for budget users. Decent battery and a power ... moreI understand most brands are still using helio p22, but don't you think its time to jump to mediatek's helio g series?

Rs.9999/- for such configuration... it should be Rs.7k

  • Ayaan

A good option for budget users. Decent battery and a power efficient Helio processor.

  • Aryan A

It looks simple but seems like a promising smartphone choice for users.

This makes an average phone like M11 a superstar!.

  • Anonymous

Another rebranding exercise. Do they really hope to sell unsold stocks of a 1 year old phone by renaming it?

  • true tongue

it samsung's market streategy according to situation but no need to buy this crap their is other better option like moto one macro,


  • random

is Samsung hoping to sell outdated stuff in India at high price because of Boycott China sentiment

  • Anonymous

its like A10s with new name !

  • optional

So the next in line is an Oreo-based random 's' model? Then Nougat? Samsung is really headed some way.

  • Anonymous

Samsung already indirectly declare its own low end Exynos can not beat Mediatek Helios

  • sam user

customers we are joke to u

  • Indian

My Galaxy M10s far better than this.

  • ManDeepest

This thing of releasing phones every week this is gonna be the downfall of Samsung watch the space, lately they're releasing a bunch of crappy lookalike devices, designers they lack creativity, all A series and M serious same look. Samsung is slowly dying.

LG launched better phone for the same price a year ago. W30. This is a failure. Samsung going downtrend and soon people will realize.

  • Anonymous

What is the point of this phone??

Spoiler: Galaxy A10s