Cat teases S62 Pro with improved thermal camera

17 July 2020
The phone will be IP68 and MIL-Spec 810H certified, but specs are yet to be revealed.

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  • kpanagi

Very disappointing to see that predecessor's features are cut-off. Would expect the next product from s61 to have even more, not less features in the name of a thermal improved camera...

Awesome design. They've dropped some features from the S61 at the expense of sleekness and the more affordable price. Still got the important things which make it a CAT flagship

  • Ian M

Some more information and photos have been released. I don't like the way the camera sticks out the back.

  • ricy

The S62 Pro will be able to measure up to ~400°C and will most likely cost 650€.

SD660, 128GB/6GB RAM, 4000mAh and 5,7"

  • Sn33ky85

I can't wait for more information on the internals and size. I love my s61 and use it everyday for work, Im a boiler maker working in the hardrock mining industry. I've only had it for a few months and love it the only down side of the s61 is the siz

  • Sn33ky85

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2020I'm curious, what is it used for?I'm a boiler maker (welder) working in the hardrock mining industry in Australia. I use my flir every day for pre heat temp checks for welding it, I have to say that it is a game changer for me and my trade

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2020Hope they still include a laser, i actually don't use ... moreSpot on :)
For that reason alone, it had better be on the new one.
On a serious note, what's the battery nhm wotsit spec?
Thanks :)

  • PeterC

Have had both an S60 and S61. Both have worked flawlessly and it has been very useful having one rugged device with good battery life and able to support both work and personal SIMS properly. The Flir camera on S61 was an improvement over S60 and sounds as though improved again...

  • Anonymous

Hope they still include a laser, i actually don't use it to measure, but works good for pointing, or playing eith cats lol.

AND PLEASE have wireless charging..

  • Loyal cat

I understand each experience will be different. I owned s60, then I upgraded to s61 both over all service life have not had a single screen breakage. Both been exposed to extreme conditions like high falls from pocket, heat, water oils etc... Cosmetics - yes did have dents etc, but so far not a single broken screen. I had other brands and they would not survive a month. Not that I try to break them just genuine job environment. And even if does break I think CAT is the only brand which replaces smashed screen covered by warranty as they do stand for their brand! So warranty experience I can well say they are trying their best to gain customer satisfaction. Mine S61 just arrived like new after repair.
As for bugs and some design snags I think they need to spend a bit more. I wasn't quite happy with S61 compared to S60. Numerous points I found could of been better. But phone worked flawlessly over a year so can't say it is that bad. Still their products are worth money, I would love to work with CAT and test their future products to make them better.
If specs of S62 not gonna be much advanced from S61 then hardly will be pre-ordering.

Well to be honest it will be SD765G powered smartphone supporting 5G thus the pinnacle of evolution and the new thermal camera will be something really special.
The durability of the phone will be also awesome but the starting price will be around 900 euros not less.

  • Noel

I have an S61 that's been stellar, save for a couple of times where the software got out of touch with the real level of the battery charge. Charging it all day corrected it. I did slip on ice and fall right on it as it was in my back pocket. I was sure that would have done it in but to my surprise there was no damage at all. The thermal camera's been great, very useful for locating insulation issues, and in one case a wiring problem. The Air Quality sensor is nice to have, but hand sanitizer unfortunately triggers false positives. I've never needed the laser rangefinder at all so far. I'm looking forward to using the S62 though to be honest I quite like the grippy rectangular shape of the S61 and am worried about the rounded shape being easier to drop.

AnonD-82756, 18 Jul 2020Well I wouldn't buy another from them I bought a rugge... moreanother comment also mention good service from UK company
I wish I was live in UK

  • Ian M

The new fingerprint sensor and the air quality sensor holes moved to the bottom are both excellent to see (especially with how often owners are probably using alcohol-based hand sanitiser now), but what happened to the laser and camera bump? The notch I don't like.

Regarding the Ulefone Armor 9, competition is great, and it's good to see another option for thermal camera equipped smartphones. Competition helps drive improvement, so it is going to improve our choices in the long run.

However, the water resistance and drop specs for the Ulefone Armor 9 are significantly lower than those of the CAT S61, so it's not a direct competitor for ruggedness; there are reasons it's cheaper. My main worry with the Ulefone Armor 9 is it has a fake IP rating moulded onto the back of it. "There are no hyphens in a genuine IP code." There is absolutely no way I'd even consider buying a rugged phone with a fake rating.

The CAT S62 Pro, though... Well, I'll wait to see the specs.

  • AnonD-82756

Fayth, 17 Jul 2020so is Bullitt bad company?Well I wouldn't buy another from them I bought a rugged phone from the CAT phone lineup and the screen broke on it not once not twice but three times. I dealt with the company being UK based was good as I sorted each problem out on email, each time they arranged delivery of a new phone and pick up for old one. Model in question was the B35 so I would never buy another CAT phone again.

  • Anonymous

I'm actually interested in this but with a slightly larger 5.5" screen and can't they just thicken it up to a 6000mAh batt? I'm sure the type of people who're into this sort of a phone wouldn't mind the extra heft?

Also I do agree with some of our fellow commentators here = PRICE. I know it's a CAT and all, but even when balancing against the spec sheet they gotta do something to gain a bit more volume sales.

[deleted post]lmaooo

  • Anonymous

can we use it as night vision goggles, putting it it ar type contraption

  • Anonymous

Fayth, 17 Jul 2020so is Bullitt bad company?I haven't had to use their support for my Cat S52 but was the reason I bought over other brands that do similar products. UK based company and a big brand behind them so I much more trustworthy than other unknown brands IMO

apprise, 17 Jul 2020CAT phones are so expensive and it's not even them who... moreso is Bullitt bad company?