OnePlus Nord team talks cameras and performance

17 July 2020
The team behind the OnePlus Nord discusses the six cameras, the display refresh rate and more.

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For $300 to $325 it would have been a beast but sadly It is still pretty much same performing as the Redmi Note series of Xiaomi, the Screen and OIS is a plus though, but still priced too much. as you get pretty much similar performance for $235 from Xiaomi.

Dave, 20 Jul 2020Oneplus always lie, they lies about the screen issues that ... moreyeah, exactly. they gained the market by publicity stunt (invitation system etc.) and as soon as they got the name, they went for higher price with limited features (no 3.5 jack, no Sd card, no IP protection until recently). that is why I am not going to buy oneplus.

I didnt even mention data protection issues, the biggest of all. Just a fluid OS isnt enough to justify the obscene price of their device. in a way it is more expensive than Sony Xperia 1 Mark II.

  • Dave

Jay, 17 Jul 2020Which sensor is better according to you? Imx 689 or some ot... moreI had the OP7T and I had to return it. The quality of the camera is not good. Only when you use the Gcam do you have a better experience, but limited with that APP. They could at least put in one that looks like the 8Pro. And especially with telephoto.

  • Dave

Kriegsherr, 17 Jul 2020Oneplus indeed lies. Check their history, since their incep... moreOneplus always lie, they lies about the screen issues that many of their terminals have, such as automatic adaptive brightness or tint issues, by not assuming and admitting that it is a hardware error. That's why I'm never going to buy this brand.

WhatchaSmokingBro, 17 Jul 2020I though Dimensity 1000L was the upper midrange chip and th... moreWell, the snapdragon 765G is supposed to compete with the dimensity 800 series.

The dimensity 1000L is like the "1000 lite", filling in the gap between the high-end dimensity 1000 and the upper midrange, the dimensity 800 or 820.

A lower midrange chipset would be snapdragon 720G or dimensity 600 series.

  • Dave

Hyper game again. Will there be the screen issues that the onplus 7T and 8/8Pro have had? Same camera as the Oneplus 7T? Why is the camera software really optimized for years? Good sentence for say "I dpn´t want to spend more money in a new camera", The camera of OP7T wasn´t soo good... really there are better. I expected a little more from Oneplus, since the time of 8 it has been going down. Not even Telephoto or stereo speakers? Is this the phone that's going to revolutionise what? I will not buy and wait for Realme X3 Pro or Google Pixel 5

JDK, 17 Jul 2020Oneplus lies? Lol. If you want to look at lies, go to th... moreThe only thing so far that I can agree with this guy on.

  • Anonymous

I bet they dropped IP68 :(
Otherwise a great phone with great specs and great price (nowadays)

  • Anonymous

dazed1, 18 Jul 2020Absolutely, even 2 years ago it was subpar.Paired with the right soc and good software processing, it's a fantastic sensor albeit not as good as 2020 sensors.

  • dazed1

splus, 17 Jul 2020Meh. Sony IMX586 is a crap sensor. Just look at OnePlus 7T ... moreAbsolutely, even 2 years ago it was subpar.

  • Anonymous

I'm disappointed they didn't go with one of the prototype designs that Carl Pei showed to Marques Brownlee the other day.

The design with the three separate cameras in an L pattern was a great idea and something no other phone has done. It looked so much better than these giant camera islands on the back of phones. The prototypes also had flat backs and flatter sides, which is a much nicer design.

As it is, the Nord will instead go with a design that looks like every other phone on the market and is totally boring. Pei himself admitted that when they realized they were going to sell a lot more of these phones than they thought, because of the level of interest, they decided to go with a more generic design to not offend the mass market.

What a disappointment. They could be a design leader. Instead they have made a generic phone.

  • Anonymous

The decision to officially break out the camera specs suggest they are running out of spunk for their cheap little hype game. I keep getting proven right, here, they won't be able to justify either the price or market release strategy as time is pitted against OP. People will just gravitate towards Samsung or smaller brands that get the job done well even at a far more basic spec sheet. OnePlus got it before, but they don't even understand time. I don't care about a phone I have to pay import fees for within a 3-4 month window. I want to order it off Amazon have it here within a week if I have to and it being worth the money at all for basic use.

Nord is going to disappoint & fail like MiA3. MiA3 too hyped too much about camera and finally released with low end spec & nothing great camera. I see the same here too. sony imx586 is also used in low variant phone like Redmi note 7s and the 5G chip is useless in India. If the price is above $350 or Rs25000, then it's not worth it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2020There is No variant with 12gb. Just 8You'll be surprised...

  • Anonymous

s3xy, 17 Jul 2020Only the chinese can put 12GB on snap765. Bullshit just to ... moreThere is No variant with 12gb. Just 8

  • Anonymous

PameLigo, 17 Jul 2020No way this goes for less than 350€128gb under 370€ i am ok but if it is 400€+ then nah i will wait for pixel 4a

Ok, 17 Jul 2020Hope it's price less than 300 euroNo way this goes for less than 350€

  • Anonymous

Nice, but that's just marketing. 180Hz input touch, really? No difference. 90Hz/120Hz display? Everyone is excited but I have OnePlus 7 Pro and there is no difference. People used to prize 24fps movies and it was ok, no we need 120Hz. The most important is ghosting not Hz. There is a differnece between 25fps and 50fps, but beyond it's indistinguished for human eye

JDK, 17 Jul 2020Oneplus lies? Lol. If you want to look at lies, go to th... moreOneplus indeed lies. Check their history, since their inception, they have told many lies related to marketing and promotion. They are making good phones doesn't mean all oneplus say is true.

Promising features. Definitely worthy as a budget phone.
Great Camera, Screen (Amoled 90hz), Battery, SD765, and Software all makes the phone promising.