Weekly poll: does 100W+ charging matter?

19 July 2020
At what point does this race stop making sense?

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I use two phones with 5,000 and 3,000 mAH batteries and I always charged both phone at night when I'm going to sleep and wake up with both phone full of charge to last a day (or two) so faster charging doesn't matter to me.

For me right now, the minimum charging speeds is 18W, while maximum past 120W is fine, but should be safe too.

It natters a lot if it can charge an 5000mah Battery in just 20 minutes, 2 days in just 20 minutes, that's very good, but i am worried about the battery health. Just like when Realme said their 50W Super VOOC Charge is safe, but it gets warm up to 40 degrees which i was so worried. But if it is safe, combining 120W speed with 5000mah battery means i am fine with no Wireless Charging, but i am the guys who prefers Versetality than Quality.

The true Wireless charging will be chargung through connection and radiation, that will be amazing, can't wait to see it.

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No. Better having more than 90% of the total battery after 30 months.

one of the automatic acts i perform when getting home in evening: place the smartphone next to the (wireless) charger and leave it there until morning or whenever i need to use it. personally, i see no use in carrying an (battery caused) over dimensioned / heavy phone: there is always a charger at hand, be it at home, in the car or at the office. on the over hand, to each his/her own....

If the battery size us considerably big and ..high speed charging should not degrade that battery.

I miss the option
* I do not want to shorten the lifespan of my phone by that.

Fast charging is convenient, but also shortens the overall battery life. So as most devices have non user replaceable batteries, it ends up shortening the life span of the phones - and that is obviously why the manufacturers are pushing it as something good.

A variant of planned obsolescence where the users unknowingly destroys the batteries...