Realme C15 will be unveiled on July 28, sports 6,000 mAh battery

20 July 2020
There's also 18W fast charging support, a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and two color options.

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  • mickyy

which date launching in pakistan ????

  • YNitin

Do we need to guess the processor? Well, I think Realme C series had Mediatek behind its success so this one would have Mediatek Helio P70 in it. Just a wold guess.

  • RamanD

I am guessing MediaTek helio G25 processor in this smartphone since this is the only one left for Realme to try. 6000mAh battery is huge.

Hope it sticks to Mediatek processor and I quite like the fact that 6000mAh battery has become more like a norm for Realme now.

  • Anonymous

it should be snapdragon chipset
Good ram and rom

  • Chandra

Hope that it will come with good processors, good camera and also good sound quality speaker...

  • Anonymous

fun fact: realme still can't beat xiaomi (mi, redmi, poco) in indonesia markets

  • Anonymous


  • Kadrunal

That jumbo mumbo batt is being targeted for local ride-hailing transport services, e.g. grab or gojek drivers.

As expected realme will releasing new smartphone here (Indonesia), Xiaomi has released Redmi 9 with Helio G80 few days ago, which is better than C3 or C11.

  • Anonymous

does it have Notification Led????
bcuz almost none of Vivo, Oppo devices have it
a Simple or Color Notification Led
sometimes they even use All of screen for Notification
but they don't sport the device with it.

Essen, 21 Jul 2020Sounds good on paper. But I reckon Realme will ruin it by p... moreYes Indeed, USB C & large battery are preferred over high speed charging!

  • Essen

Sounds good on paper. But I reckon Realme will ruin it by providing a Micro USB port. Other than that, I am more comfortable with a big battery and slow charging overnight than a small battery with some rapid charging. My three year phone is going strong on its original battery despite me simply giving it an hour or so charge everyday -- from 30-40 percent to about 80-90 percent. For all the SoC and software and hardware optimisation that OEMs claim, nothing beats a big battery. As they say, there is no replacement for displacement.

  • Anonymous

Awesome battery life. Needs faster charging imo.

  • Anonymous

expecting mediatek G series processor with higher performance

  • iCal

Cool powerbank

  • Rahman Paser Jone of

Realme Redmi 9 is too hot, hurrying to launch c15, or not c11

  • Pastor quiboloy

How much this device cost in usd?

4 cameras where 1 is macro, 1 is depth.
for me better trade that 2 cam for a lower price.

  • Anonymous

Is it cheaper than c3 or higher?