OnePlus Nord 5G unveiled: 6.44" 90Hz display, SD765 and 48MP camera, €400 price tag

21 July 2020
The phone will be available in Asia and Europe and will receive 3 years of support. The OnePlus Buds TWS headset was also unveiled today.

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  • 22 Jul 2020, 21 Jul 2020Ehmm, nop, 399€, checked in the Spain and Germany sitesOnly us, rich Greeks will have to pay 449 euro then .

    I am impressed!
    Does it have bulgarian for system language? Since it's sold in Bulgaria too.

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      • 22 Jul 2020

      With all this hype, it is a disappointment. Because if it is to spend 400 then why not go to 500 and take one plus 8 with a lot better hardware. If it was 300 it would be a bargain not flagship killer necessarily. They could have made also another with fewer cameras and less price.

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        • 22 Jul 2020

        AnonD-923722, 22 Jul 2020Get an : 1. Realme X2 Pro 2. Poco F2 Pro 3. Realme X3 Su... moreThese are not even comparable to the Nord, which is a midrange device.
        Not sure which is more annoying: Random alternatives spouted left and right or 'rebrand of this and that'.

        1. The X2 Pro is still Realme's magnum opus, but the flagship killer pricing for Asia is non-existent in Europe. You can get it from Asia for a great price, but with shipping costs and potential taxes, it exceeds over 399€. With discounts, the Nord could go down to even 360€. Don't underestimate the wallet of the buyers. If they want something like the X2 Pro, they would go for it. But chances say, they are not hellbent on performance and benchmarks, they are casual users, not gamers.
        2. Same as above. It's 429€ right now, but only with a 30€ discont on Also, don't underestimate the lack of 90Hz being a deal breaker for a lot of people. If they are willing to pay more to get this, they will.
        3. IPS LCD screen, the price is 460€ with a heavy discount of 39.99€ from basically 500€.

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          • 22 Jul 2020

          I bought s10 lite for 25k inr from Bahrain, hopefully samsung will lower the price of s10 lite in india as well.

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            • 22 Jul 2020

            If Oneplus :
            1. Used an Polycarbonate back.
            2. Destroy the Gimmick and Macro cameras
            3. Put an Headphone jack.
            4. Don't use 90hz for the screen.
            5.put an MicroSD slot
            6. Put an 865+ at that price

            That would be insane

              AnonD-923722, 22 Jul 2020Get an : 1. Realme X2 Pro 2. Poco F2 Pro 3. Realme X3 Su... moreWhile I was thinking about X2 Pro sacrificing 5G (865 or 765G) the Software is still in Android 9 and I don’t think there will be any further major upgrades henceforth and Androud is moving closer to 11 anytime! Buying a mobile almost dead on arrival in terms of Software stopping me from getting this

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                • 22 Jul 2020

                Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020Poco f2 proPoco F2 Pro will Never launch in India. As this Android Auth0rity article puts it, “The Snapdragon 865, as I told you, is already very expensive and it does not make any sense,” Chandolu said( ) .
                They just can't launch the Poco F2 Pro in the same range as the F1 in India since the SD865 is too expensive. They'll enter the OnePlus 7t/ Asus Zenfone range & they know no one will buy the Poco over those.

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                  • 22 Jul 2020

                  All the people complaining about the price and comparing it with 2014, just a question -- doesn't this price rise actually match with your salary?

                  Here in Bulgaria, working as java programmer, Oneplus One costed as much as I earned in ~5 weeks. In 2020 it is more or less the same, Oneplus 8 cost as much as I earn in ~5 weeks. So flagship prices remained the same. But now we have a midrange offer that is half that price, and performance is more than enough. Isn't this the same in your countries?

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                    • 22 Jul 2020

                    Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020Poco f2 proSince, you have ROG Phone 3 in the list, I'd suggest the Asus Zenfone 7/ 7 Pro. Flagship killer specs - Snapdragon 865/ 865+ , 8/12 GB Ram, Very good front & back cameras with OIS, splash/waterproof, 5000 mAh battery, Asus has good LCDs (see GSMArena's Zenfone 6 review) 6.4/6.7 notchless display [ will probably have swivel cameras] ~ all for ₹ 34,000 for ZF7 & around ₹44,000 for ZF7 Pro.
                    DON'T go for IQOO, a friend had that and the company has very poor after- sales support. If by chance your phone won't switch on or some other issue, they have service centres in only in 12 cities in 10 states( that too mostly capitals- see their website) , you'll have no option but to throw it away. Same issue for Realme and Xiaomi at a lower extent.

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                      • 22 Jul 2020

                      Anonym, 21 Jul 2020No OIS, low refresh rate display, no wide-angle selfie can.... moreUsing your logic a phone can have all those and a midrange chipset and that makes it a flagship killer, going down the past history of flagship killers, they have all had a flagship soc inside, not your wide angle cameras and refresh rate

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                        • 22 Jul 2020

                        Anonymous, 21 Jul 2020Still expensive. Back in the day their Flagship only coste... moreWell isn't Nord a whole ton better than
                        whatever OnePlus offered for 400 bucks back in the day ?

                        And If you want a 2020 flagship for 2014 money then you're stupid.

                          SadeepaT, 22 Jul 2020For a so called "Tech Nerd". You don't even ... moreI actually meant that this phone has amoled instead of lcd 90hz which is much more expensive 😅 but I do realize how with subject of my first comment it was implied that k20 pro has lcd instead which it absolutely does not and does have a good 60hz amoled display (it is good in my opinion)

                            the tech nerd, 22 Jul 2020also, did I mention 90hz AMOLED instead of LCD??For a so called "Tech Nerd". You don't even know the phone you used has AMOLED and not LCD.haha

                              the tech nerd, 22 Jul 2020I have k20 pro and I would happily exchange my phone for on... morealso, did I mention 90hz AMOLED instead of LCD??

                                But I do want to say oneplus did a bad one with having 64gb/6gb ram as a base variant(even samsung new phones of 20k have base 128gb variant now(but they also have 720p lcd in 2020 with 16k price so.... yeah....)

                                  Anonym, 21 Jul 2020No OIS, low refresh rate display, no wide-angle selfie can.... moreI have k20 pro and I would happily exchange my phone for oneplus nord anyday(though i bought it 8-9 months ago) switched from oneplus 3T and still, I regret switching to miui(it sometimes just hangs and maybe it just my device's problem) I use split screen a lot and k20 pro is smooth completely and just suddenly freezes a lot in between somehow and it sucks because my onpleus 3t was a better performer (though it started lagging after 2 years so I got battery exchanged before breaking the frame of the whole phone XD) I mean yeah I can notice a better display and I do appreciate the better design and camera with no notch k20pro has but it also has less impressive fingerprint sensor also dash charge generates less heat when compared to 18W charging (also can anyone suggest a better case for this phone XD) and i honestly regret not buying one plus 7 instead despite it not having ultrawide or telephoto camera and spending 5k more because they are not good too(won't be surprised if ultrawide on nord is bad too)So any old oneplus users who used to buy oneplus phones but can't due to the price buy this phone because to be honest software expirience matters a lot and k20 pro just made be realize that

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                                    • 22 Jul 2020

                                    Anonymous, 21 Jul 2020But op7t is available from 34k, 31k model is always out of ... moreScreen failures (tint, and adaptative brightness) and very little coverage (inside a commercial center your phone it´s dead meanwhile other people are talking with their phones). Think before to buy the ONeplus 7T. Never settle! :D

                                      Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020No matter how they change the name . Dimension 1000 or dimo... moreDimensity is neutralizing a lot of bad image Mediatek had. It's doing its job. Not to underestimate the fact, it being a good chip too.

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                                        • 22 Jul 2020

                                        Anonym, 21 Jul 2020No OIS, low refresh rate display, no wide-angle selfie can.... moredoes the s20 ultra have a ultrawide selfie? haha! atleast the k20 pro has decent main/ultrawide/telephoto modules. and the k20 pro is a flagship killer not a flagship. just look at the pricing dude