Google Pixel camera's lead developer is now working on a camera app with Adobe

21 July 2020
Adobe's universal camera app is in the works.

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  • StopPortraitVideo

If they would just fix the horrid portrait video problem & make it so no matter how stupidly people hold their phones it will always shoot in proper landscape aspect ratio.

Well, that's good news. A good competitor to the GCam app that I have to sideload install from XDA.

  • Steve

Aadit kashyap, 22 Jul 2020One day I have a meeting on google meet and the when I ins... moreNice.

  • Aadit kashyap

One day I have a meeting on google meet and the when I install it and join the meeting it doseny use my camera of mobile and meeting and I cry it was turning in and when I join it leave the meeting and I send feedback also but it didn't work

Remember when Moment dropped their Pro Camera app for Android because not all Android smartphones couldn't fulfill Google Camera's latest API? Let's see if Adobe can counter such a problem with the sheer varsity of Android smartphones.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2020Published Gcam versions for other devices are illegal. Goog... moreAs long as it is not for sale, it cannot be declared illegal. Porting software was and is a normal practice. If google would have want it illegal, they would have done much more then what they are doing to "protect it".

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2020Published Gcam versions for other devices are illegal. Goog... moreOf course it is. Everyone knows any modded, cracked and ported things from major company products are illegal. You should've have a common sense that people who would do this wouldn't care whether this is legal or not.

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2020It's a common misunderstanding that Pixel phones were ... moreThe first HDR+ iteration on Motorola's Nexus 6, which is the first phone that got it are still primitive compared to Pixel's HDR+ one. It doesn't recover as much and tends to underexpose the shots. You could take a look of it on GSMArena review of Nexus 6. To be fair, Nexus 5X, 6P and first gen Pixel got the best camera hardware though (later generation got a smaller sensor for the sake of PDAF).

This is great. I hope it will be available for free (with ads).

  • Bob

No Mark please come back as your Google conference last year you have promised us that we shall get an update to your 'bridge' photo taken on the Pixel so what happens to it now?

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2020Rip snapdragonI don't think you understood

  • Anonymous

Rip snapdragon

  • someone

And they will make you buy adobe cloud subscription to use it ... lol

  • Anonymous

It's a common misunderstanding that Pixel phones were the first Google cameras with great cameras. The Nexus 5x/6p had a revolutionary camera in HDR+ On mode (which wasn't the default mode as it could take 1s to take a photo, nearly no reviewer tested the camera of the Nexus in HDR+ On mode, which is the mode Levoy worked on). Google's image quality didn't really improve since the Nexus phones, only when you zoom or when the phone chooses a long exposure (HDR+ enhanced, Night Sight). I have a Nexus 5x and a Pixel 3a and I prefer the camera of the Nexus. Colors and dynamic range are better on the Nexus, Nexus also has white balance presets.
Even in low light conditions a Pixel 3a is barely better at pixel level when you use the default mode, unless you zoom. You need to use HDR+enhanced in order to get much better low light results than the Nexus.

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 21 Jul 2020Does this mean that GCam will be obsolete? Let that lead de... morePublished Gcam versions for other devices are illegal. Google's camera is proprietary software that isn't free (you have to buy a Google phone) and not open source. Google's camera even had (and probably still has) a copy protection, so HDR+ was disabled if you wanted to install Google camera on a different device. The illegal versions have removed the copy protection. That's why you won't find a Gcam version on the Play store.

  • Love the Community

Does this mean that GCam will be obsolete? Let that lead dev hire all the guys behind GCam to make that Adobe Camera app with him.

  • Anonymous

Adobe Camera for $399 a month, calling it now.

Could be just what every other phone maker wanted.

  • Anonymous

So, Google camera on every phone. R.I.P pixel series.