TCL introduces Tottenham forward Harry Kane as its brand ambassador

22 July 2020
The partnership demonstrates a “long-standing passion and commitment to excellence”.

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So a Premier League footballer is going to give up his latest iPhone 12 pro to be seen in public with a TCL blower. Oh well I suppose Harry Kane will be earning a nice wedge for the inconvenience.

    Perfect brand match for his abilities, could'nt expect any better brand :D

      • C
      • Carol
      • mgK
      • 22 Jul 2020

      This brands are like those copy crapps in playstore that take the already coded app out of GitHub slap same ads code in it and sell it under other names. The problem is not them, the problem is those them.

        • b
        • better Anton
        • DkI
        • 22 Jul 2020

        They better have subtitles on promotional videos from now on lol

          apprise, 22 Jul 2020Probably see more marketing now that they've got someo... moreI can imagine TCL dubbing over Mouth Breather's lines. Otherwise nobody would understand what he is saying.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • 3aH
            • 22 Jul 2020

            But probably this is not going to change the game for them that much

              Probably see more marketing now that they've got someone like him on board. Probably see TCL adverts during Ad breaks for TV shows. Easy money for hazza. Getting money to read some scripts

                • M
                • Matthattan
                • 8as
                • 22 Jul 2020

                Now that TCL has Kane as its brand ambassador, they're going to claim everything.