Samsung Galaxy Note20 leaks in full with flat 60Hz screen, plastic back, no microSD

23 July 2020
This mega leak follows a similar one focused on the Note20 Ultra, which surfaced yesterday.

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  • Anonymous

Devil , 23 Jul 2020Plastic is more durable than glass so it's an improvem... moreIt is also less scratch-resistant than glass.

  • Anonymous

Back to plastic for a flagship? Come on, this is 2020.

  • ThePonk

So many people defending Samsung for using a plastic back and removing key features in the newest regular Note 20 😏

Probably Note 20 with the mentioned feature and Exynos 990 chipset is worth $500 maximum. Then it would sell quite considerably. If Samsung decides to sell at exorbitant prices like Note 10, then good luck with that. Depreciation is also insane for Samsung phones.

S8 (secondhand) which still looks nice even by today's standards now have little value (like $100 ish). iPhone 7 still retains at least 1.5x the value.

  • Anonymous

Wouldn't the Note 20 get the way more efficient Exynos 992 SoC? I have no problem with the plastic back, as long as the frame is made of metal. Plastic will make the phone more durable anyway, like the older smartphones 6+ years ago. But no microSD slot in such a phone is a not acceptable.

Does a plastic back affect the phone?
I don't know you, I've never used any full glass phones naked before. I've never even felt the glass back of any of my Note phones because they are in a case.

In fact, plastic is probably preferable, because it should help reduce the weight of the phones. I can only hope.

travstr, 23 Jul 2020it clearly mentions wireless charging twice in the article.Sorry, I missed that! How to edit/delete a post?

  • Anonymous

b0d0, 23 Jul 2020There are 400 euros phones with 90/120 hz displays and Samm... moredid you ever use any galaxy note series phone?????

Plastic back ??? Really ???

There are 400 euros phones with 90/120 hz displays and Sammy offers this crap for probabably 800+ euros?Terrible.

  • Anonymous

🙄 The notes used to amazing.
Smartphone used to be pushing boundaries.... yay corporate greed.

  • Anonymous

But the source article literally states a microSD slot on the Ultra..

hrishievo, 23 Jul 2020Also, no wireless charging. So overall a step down from clearly mentions wireless charging twice in the article.

TBH I don't believe this, there is no way Samsung will cripple the Note series this much, either its Note 20 Lite or the leak is wrong and well there be a Note20+?

The Guesser Leakster, 23 Jul 2020If it costs $999 for the 4G version, i will be dissapointed... moreAlso, no wireless charging. So overall a step down from Note10.

  • Anonymous

Now THAT'S how you disgust your customers and make them buy different brands!!!

  • Aa

Why plastic 😭

  • Oddie

This is why Samsung is losing to the competition. They should focus on a G series for 'Gaming' as well. C series for camera prowesses, AR series, M series for multimedia powerhouses. Focussed series will give consumer options. Consumers go to buy a phone with a limited amount of money and only 1 or 2 specific features in mind. Girls go for camera and looks, boys go for gaming and multimedia, adults go for battery life and average all round performance. Samsung should develop a niche targettimg each group specifically and flood options for consumers like the competitors.
At the higher end, innovations are getting throttled which should be given due respect. Samsung can go with a few experiments which they can afford.

  • Anonymous

Whats irs price????


even $150 xiaomi phone uses GLASS BACK this is unacceptable.

Dennis.K, 23 Jul 2020Bruuhhh no waaayyy😂😂😂, first the 60Hz flat 1080p then the P... moreno s***, no wonder why they are nickname sam-expensive